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Mandy Kloppers

Culture of Blame

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Culture of Blame

We live in age where many people indulge in the Blame Game. “It wasn’t me”… “You’re to blame”… “Why did you let this happen?” … and so it goes on.

It is wasted energy blaming others. Whomever is to blame, the fact is, that the event, the wrongdoing, has occurred and blame does nothing other than cause resentment and more anger.

Instead of looking for someone to blame, perhaps looking for immediate solutions and implementing them would be a more effective way to handle problems? Too much blame leads to procrastination and obfuscation of the reality in front of us. Blame is tainted psychological warfare that leads to toxic thinking and hatred.

I am all for justice and believe that this can unfold in time but action is far more important than accusations in the immediate aftermath of a problem or disaster.

Maybe I am on my own with this thinking but to me it seems a no-brainer. Do what NEEDS to be done instead of engaging in a war of words and assumed culpability. Blame effectively removes personal responsibility and distracts our focus in a negative way.

When we blame others, we inadvertently allow ourselves to think that we have no power or influence over a situation. Feeling powerless is one of the quickest ways to overreact and respond from an emotional unstable position. Less blame, more positive and productive responses are what we need.

Mandy X

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