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Are you finding life challenging and feel you need support and guidance? Counselling may be just what you need.

Many people hope that the tough times will just go away and sometimes they do. There are times though when problems persist and this is when counselling can be a huge benefit.

When to seek counselling:

1) If you find that you keep repeating the same old patterns. For example – you keep choosing the wrong partners. There may be an underlying issue that is causing you to make bad choices and counselling can help uncover these.

2) If you feel down, miserable or unhappy for more than three months. This might mean that you are depressed. Don’t accept that this is how life should be. Seeing an objective person can often add a new perspective to life and make you more aware of what is healthy and what is unhealthy. We often get so used to living a certain way that we begin to think it is normal.

3) You engage in self destructive behaviour. This could be anything from drinking too much alcohol, drug taking or any type of eating disorder. Some issues stem from our childhoods and counselling can help ‘unpick’ some of these issues and help you move forward.

4) You seem stuck and unable to progress and move forward in life. Counselling can help you to explore options and identify what is holding you back.

Be brave – make an appointment. You can contact me for a therapy session

It can make a huge difference to your life. A good therapist is like a comfy pair of shoes, not all will fit you well. Find one that you feel at ease with and you could end up finding that it’s the best decision you have made in a long time


Mandy X