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Mandy Kloppers

Coping with Anxiety in Natural Ways

We can regularly hear the word ‘anxiety’ but how many of us can really fully appreciate what anxiety actually is? Anxiety can feel different for different people, but it can be a general feeling of unease, and can be related to nervousness or fear; we can all experience this kind of thing from time to time. It could just be an unpleasant feeling for you, or it could be something much worse, leaving you feeling physically unwell through sickness or through a tight feeling in your chest. It can also lead to us thinking about things in a different way. Sometimes anxiety can become something that is severe, and it can start to take on many different forms, as there are forms of anxiety like social anxiety, health anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias. So here are some tips to help you to deal with anxiety, if you are someone who experiences frequent anxiety.

Breathe deeply


When we start to get anxious, then we can experience a response that is a fight or flight response. This can be a good thing as it can be a way to protect yourself, but if there is too much, then it can lead to an increased risk of heart rate. So something like breathing deeply can help to keep the body calm and settled, making your body have a more equal equilibrium. 


Question your thoughts


Our minds can start to play tricks on us when we start to feel anxious, and overthinking can happen quite easily. Plus, thinking can become distorted. You might start to overthink or read into a situation when you are feeling anxious. So before you accept this, which is likely to make you feel even more anxious, then you need to think if something is a fact or an opinion. If it is an opinion, then you could be getting worked up and anxious over something that hasn’t even happened. 


Methods to Help


There are plenty of alternative methods that can make such a difference to your anxiety and related feelings. There are things that you can try like massage, reflexology, and even things like cognitive behavioral therapy. You could also look into essential oils, as they can be great for mood and to help things like sleep. CBD oil is something that can make a massive difference; though it is worth looking into things yourself and seeing how it suits you. It is definitely worth looking into a history of cannabinoids, though, to know what it could do and how it could help you.




Anxiety, can be uncomfortable, which is something that is a normal emotion and no matter how much you would want to get rid of that feeling, we can all experience anxiety from time to time. So learning to accept anxiety can help, as much as you can just accept that sometimes you might just feel angry. And these kinds of emotions can pass. But if you find that it is taking over your life, then it is time to seek help.

Mandy X


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