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Coolsculpting Services In San Antonio, TX

If you’re interested in reducing fat cells you may have come across a treatment called coolsculpting. Everyone wants to look fit but not everyone wants to go under the knife to have that great body shape they want. With the growing technology, a lot of methods have already been developed to make body sculpting easier and with a faster recovery process. There are many kinds of body sculpting in San Antonio one of the most famous is Coolsculpting In San Antonio, TX.

What Is Coolsculpting?

This process is an FDA-approved way of getting rid of excess fat in the body. It can eliminate 20 to 25% fat cells without having to undergo surgery and little to no downtime. They use a device that can administer cooling treatment on the part of the body that needs fat reduction. This device gives the needed freezing temperature on fat cells enough to kill them. The process will make a normal cell death to fat cells and eliminate itself from the body in no time and makes the body part more sculptured.  However there are a lot of possibilities that can go wrong with this treatment such as nerve damage , shark bite, damage  to the skin and many more. Here at Sculpt Away we provide SculpSure or warm sculpting.

What To Expect With SculpSure

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is important so you can set an appointment with your specialist and be given instruction on the things you have to prepare. It will be ideal if you are prepared physically and mentally so you will have no issues and doubts once your appointment day finally comes.

Be Prepared

On your scheduled day there are required clothes that you have to wear depending on the requirements that will be given to you by the spa clinic. Make sure to follow the instructions so as not to delay your treatment. Some pointers will be given to you by your specialist and make sure to follow them since this can affect the efficiency of your sculpting result.

Mapping it Out

Your area will be mapped out using frames that will hold the applicators in place. THis will allow us to determine the customized cover for you. More heat more reduction.

Getting it Done

The procedure can last 1.5 to 2 hours or more.  You will be able to return to work or and other activities that you are normally used to. We highly encourage going for a work out right after your treatment to get the process of the lymphatic system started in processing out the destroyed fat cells..

Immediate Result

One treatment can show an immediate effect on fat reduction within 6 weeks.  Seeing an immediate effect can make you want to have the second treatment as soon as possible. The death of fat cells will continue as weeks and months pass by. The next treatment will be 4, 6, 12 weeks after the first treatment. During the gap make sure to eat healthily, massage your area, work out, and drink plenty of water and do the exercises that are advised by your specialist.

Eat Healthily

To support your  sculpting technique you must eat healthily and exercise. This can help maintain the sculpt of your body. Eating food that can build up another set of fat. So better be careful in your diet after going under cool sculpting.

How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost In San Antonio?

Per session with coolsculpting may cost from $800 to $2,500 depending on how wide the area that would be cool sculpted.


For SculpSure per treatment may cost from $1,000  to 1,800 depending on how many applicators you  need for the areas you’d like to treat.

Coolsculpting – Not An Ideal Solution for Your Body Shape But SculpSure is the best Solution for you.

Following the tips on what to expect on Coolsculpting Services In San Antonio, TX . We feel Sculpsure is the best fit for your non-invasie body contouring needs. Coolsculpting may not be a good choice overall due to the technology. Call us today to 210-227-3051 to learn more about the differences between Coolsculpting in San Antonio versus SculpSure.

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