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Conflicts in Marriage Damage Men’s Health More Than Women, A New Study Confirms

A recent study by the researchers at the University of Nevada and the University of Michigan reveals that prolonged conflicts take a heavy toll not only on your relationship but on your health too. The research observes the long-term impacts of frequent arguments between spouses. The researchers studied 373 heterosexual couples to see whether arguing about topics like money, children, hobbies, and in-laws led to negative health conditions.

The initial results of the study were presented at the International Association for Relationship Research conference in Colorado. The study observed married couples over the first 16 years of marriage. It compared the health of the spouses with more conflict topics with those having lesser things to argue about.

The study also looks at the different marital conflicts and their health impacts on both the husbands and wives individually. Results reveal that the husbands’ poor health was due to the number of disagreement topics, while for the wives, the conflict topics were unrelated to their health.

Having arguments in a marriage isn’t uncommon. Disagreeing with your partner is useful in boosting communication. But prolonging conflicts take a massive toll on your health. When couples engage in fights over a long period, both parties suffer, but husbands are at a relatively higher risk of health problems compared to their wives.

When a spouse continues to be defensive and hostile and keeps on fighting about the same things over and over again, this can result in damaging consequences, like an excess production of cortisol (stress hormone), poor mental health, inflammation, along with changes in appetite and much more.

In the long run, all of these can be very damaging to your health. While all marital rows can get depressing, research suggests that men are affected by the fights more than women. The rows affect the men more and lead to headaches, trouble in sleeping, and overall poor health.

The stress hormone levels increase when there are fights about children, finances, or in-laws which result in various health problems. When one of the spouses has a hostile behavior while fighting, the stress affects the immune system and cardiovascular health. Psychologists also suggest that serious health problems can stem from frequent marital conflicts.

At the same time, the findings of this recent study challenge the idea that marriage is one of the best things for a person’s health and well-being. When there is plenty of fights and arguments in marriage, it becomes a burden to carry on the relationship. It wreaks havoc with both the physical and mental health of the parties involved. People engage in negative health behaviors when they are unhappy like drinking and smoking.

A study from 2016, proves a correlation between the frequent spouse fights with heart problems and muscle pain. Another study published revealed that relationship anxiety impacts the immune system. Although, various researches suggest that marriage is good for mental and physical health but the nature of relationships plays a very important role in the overall well-being.

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Researchers carried out a study extending over to 20 years in which researchers asked married couples to come into the lab every five years to revise their common disagreements in front of the camera. The research revealed that men, who argued and fought with their spouses in certain ways, were more likely to get health issues. 80% of the men who lost their cool during the fights had developed a number of cardiovascular symptoms like shortness of breath, heart racing, and chest pain by the end of the 20 years. Whereas, 53% of the guys who remained composed and calm suffered the same problems. The reason for that is when one feels angry the blood pressure increases and thus the heart rate too.

If this is a routine, then over time, the stress causes the muscles of your heart to wear and tear. The heart becomes weak and the chances of developing serious cardiovascular problems increase.

Marital distress affects both men and women, and in some cases, as studies suggest, it affects men more. But the emotional pressure and suffering are the same. Working out the differences is important to carry on the relationship and for your mental health. Remember why the two of you got together in the first place.

When couples sit down to discuss their relationship problems, the aim should be to resolve the matter rather than a competition about who yells the most or has the most solid comebacks. With mutual effort from both sides, it is possible to resolve the issues. There is no point in remaining resentful and angry about the things of the past when you have the whole future ahead of you. Do not let your mental and physical health suffer. If you find it hard to do so, seek help from a professional relationship therapist or a counselor.


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