Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers



We have far more choices than we realise. Often we limit ourselves with our thinking and eliminate options that could be available to us. For example, we may have an option to stay with a friend but will ignore that option because we assume the friend would not be willing to help. This is a simple example but we often discount choices that could possibly help us out of a tight spot.

With choice comes responsibility and freedom. You have the responsibility to choose carefully and the freedom to choose how to respond. This turns you from a helpless victim into someone who has power over their lives and their futures.

Choices involve weighing up all the pros and cons and thinking carefully about the best way forward. As children we had very little choice but as adults we have so much more control. Some people still see themselves as helpless children and seem to want to blame others for their situations in life. Don’t be one of the ‘victims’.

Every situation we find ourselves in has arisen due to our past choices. Whether we took action or remained passive, we still carved out the situation by acting or taking no action.

You may not always have a choice over how you feel but your certainly have choices over how you respond to emotions and to the behaviour of others.

Start to take control back and be brave. Make choices and learn to accept and deal with the consequences. Don’t let fear stop you from moving forward. Grab the choices available as they may not always be there.

Live life and make the most of your opportunities.


Mandy X

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