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Children’s books on anxiety and self esteem

I was sent these books to review recently on children’s self esteem and anxiety. I had a good look through them and thought they were definitely worth sharing. They are user friendly, easy to read and well adapted for children between the ages of 7-11.

One book is called “Don’t worry, be happy”. It is about overcoming anxiety and it is filled with education and fun exercises for children. The book covers anxiety, panic attacks, bullying, how to deal with worries, how to problem solve and much more. It also teaches children basic cognitive behavioural strategies such as getting to know the difference between fact and opinion. A great addition to any child’s upbringing.

The second book written by Poppy O’Neill is titled, “You’re a star” and is a guide to self esteem. Again, this book is filled with exercises, diagrams and loads of wisdom. It covers subjects on what self esteem is, how to boost self esteem, how to control unhappy thoughts and how to look after yourself (self compassion is key). Cognitive behavioural therapy is referenced here but in an appropriate way for children to understand. For instance, the book looks at the way we all have unhelpful thoughts that are usually opinion, not fact and helps children to be more aware of their thoughts. The idea is to learn to dismiss the unhelpful thoughts such as fortune telling (predicting the future), focusing only on the negatives, putting yourself down (not helpful at all), blaming yourself etc

If your child worries a lot or shows signs of low self esteem, these books aould be a great way to help them overcome these issues. Of course, if the problems persist, speak to a counsellor for extra help.

Available on Amazon:

Don’t worry, be happy

You’re a star


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