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Child Development Techniques to Nurture Creativity and Imagination

Creativity plays a major role in the literacy development of children. This was proven by an academic analysis entitled “Arts-Based Educational Research in the Early Years” initiated by Dr. Georgina Barton, a seasoned professor in the School of Education and Professional Studies at Griffith University.


The study emphasized how signs, symbols, and drawings help children refine their ability to make sense of the world around them. Artistic and creative activities played a key role in the studies conducted by key researchers of children development – Bruner (1990), Vygotsky (1978), and Gardner (1991). These prior studies have firmly established the significant role of arts in expressing the children’s ideas for further learning as well as in the development of their deep-thinking skills.


Boosting Creativity the Kids Academy Way


Creativity and artistic development in early childhood is one of the major tenets behind the learning tools developed and offered at Kids Academy. The app/website provides an entire spectrum of engaging coloring worksheets that cover a variety of themes, topics, and locations. Children get to refine their focus while stimulating the logic and creativity part of the brain through fun templates like the Sea Adventure, Statue of Liberty, Sea Horses, and many others.



Preschool coloring worksheets are the perfect solution for parents who are on the lookout for effective learning tools to supplement standard academic initiatives. These interesting kids coloring worksheets are designed to keep the kids engaged with the activity while fostering their ability to recognize visual differences and works great for preschool grade.


These artistic worksheets are made available as downloadables so that parents can browse through the collection and print them out on the fly. Coloring activities are a great way for parents to spend quality time with their kids and share important facts on the subjects embedded on the worksheets such as sea animals, cool places from around the world, and a whole lot more.


Boosting Creativity Through an Interactive Learning App


Talented and Gifted by Kids Academy is one of the leading interactive learning apps of today. This online learning tool is designed to help kids from Preschool to Grade 3 to acquire modern learning techniques and technology skills while fostering their knowledge on key concepts of various crucial subjects including arts and crafts.



The immersive nature of the app allows the children to have consistent fun in every activity for continuous engagement while helping them acquire the necessary skills to tackle everyday tasks at home and in school. One perfect example is Eddie the Elephant which is a charming dress-up activity that motivates kids’ creativity and imagination.


Geared with a token reward scheme, young learners get to have an access with cool costume upgrades. In return, children are industriously stimulated to do their best in each task and their academic transformation is efficiently enforced. With such a motivational approach, every child’s behavior and attitude towards learning is guaranteed to improve while emphasizing total enjoyment throughout the entire process.


Importance of Arts Education for Kids


Art, in its nature, is a fun and enjoyable subject for kids. The discipline itself allows the children to freely express their ideas and feelings creatively and innovatively. Apart from stimulating and refining a child’s fine motor skills, arts activities from Talented and Gifted are strategically designed to render engaging supplements on conceptual lessons of other key subjects such as science, math, and ELA.


Creative expression is fostered in every art activity offered by the Talented and Gifted app. It further enhances a  child’s hand-eye coordination while refining their problem solving abilities. Encouraging creative expression  has never been this hassle-free, fun, and productive.

Photo by Dragos Gontariu on Unsplash

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