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Care less about what others think


care less

Care less about what others think

Take this good advice – stop caring about what other people think. Really – you are on this planet to live your life, learn your individual lessons and hopefully grow and develop as a person. When you listen too much to what other people think, it dilutes your inner wisdom and can take you off your true path. This is when self doubt creeps in and we begin to focus outwards rather than inwards.

Getting advice from others is always a good thing but when other people’s opinions become more important than our own, we are heading for trouble. I can’t count how many clients have said to me that they worry constantly about what others think – so much so that it creates endless misery.

The magic secret is stop listening to the noise of others around you, and tune back in to yourself and your own life path. What makes YOU happy? Is it being a top executive with a flashy car so others will think you are wonderful (many flashy people who crave possessions and designer goods are often the most insecure – desperately seeking validation through possessions and status – it doesn’t bring fulfillment nor contentment) or is it a more simple pursuit? Of course there is nothing wrong in wanting to be a flashy executive with loads of money, the trouble begins when we expect this to bring us happiness that we all crave.

care less

Happiness comes from inside of us, not from external possessions. Contentment comes from a sense of purpose and from connecting with others. So, if you want to increase happiness and feel more carefree, learnt to tune others out and tune inwards. Tune out to tune in…

Mandy X

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