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Can working less save the planet?

Producing too much stuff is hurting the planet, so we should attack the problem at the source, argues Simon Kuper in the Financial Times. More than 60% of all greenhouse gases can be traced back to consumption, calculated Norwegian researchers, which is why people in developed countries should work less, earn less and spend less. A four-day working week would help, Kuper writes, while governments should also incentivise low-carbon leisure activities like sports and discourage flying through higher carbon taxes.

How can you personally tackle climate change?

Work less, suggests Simon Kuper.

Can a 4-day work week save the planet in developed countries? It can according to Simon Kuper. He mentioned we attack the problem at the source: we should work less → earn less → spend less → produce less to save the planet.

As someone who has believed to focus on the outcomes and the results, not where someone works and how many hours do, they work, this is an interesting topic.

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Different viewpoints that folks have shared

1.     Not work for 4 days but to introduce 1-day environmental work as part of every job holder in the organization
2.     Do it not just for the planet, but for the wellbeing of humanity. Increased health, wealth, sanity, and happiness = peace
3.     WFH and/or remotely instead could do much more
4.     We should give up electricity, cars, computers, medications, money, and go back to being hunters
5.     The hardest thing in life is not about how much money you earn, but how to keep a peaceful mindset and live the rest of your life in a simple and carefree manner. So, can working less can save the planet? Yes, if we can save ourselves, we will save the planet!
6.     What if we allowed workers to “buy” extra time off? Governments could even subsidize this by making buying time off deductible from income tax
8.     The more practical problem here is that too many people have huge financial obligations because they consume and afford way beyond their capacity. The 4 day dream will never become an option for them until the day they have removed their debt and started spending smarter.

Let us invest our resources to save our planet.
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