Came home From Work everyday with bruises

Anna Daphna

Leadership Psychology Expert who “Came home  From Work everyday with bruises”  and Changed the Diversity Landscape

Big Leaps in High Performance & ADHD

02 February 2024


Anna Dafna’s journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and a passion for making a meaningful impact. From her early experiences working in specialist inner-city schools to her innovative approaches in leadership development, diversity, and inclusion training, Anna has emerged as a transformative figure in the fields of neurodiversity, psychology, and mental health. Her specialist work with business owners, executives and high performer professionals, also students, children, adolescents has become coveted, needed in current times and seen as ground-breaking.
Growing up under the intense expectations of her banker father and accountant mother, Anna’s early exposure to extreme academic pressure fuelled her innate desire to improve the world. Her experiences working with children facing severe behavioural challenges in specialist schools, coupled with her personal adversities, have been pivotal in shaping her path toward effecting positive change.
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Anna’s commitment to addressing the gaps in education and life skills is evident in her endeavours. Her recognition at the 2023 Business Awards UK for ‘Best Leadership Development & Best Diversity and Inclusion Training’ underscores the impact of her innovative mentoring and coaching techniques. She has taken on issues like ADHD with groundbreaking approaches that are reshaping industries and challenging traditional norms.
Anna, who was selected at the 500 Global Brainz Awards in 2021 as one of the top leaders recognised for their dedication to supporting others and impact in the industry also has an MEd in psychology and a holistic approach to her work. Her modern success is reflected in her impressive clientele, including high-powered executives, KPIs and change makers. Her unique ability to help individuals maximise confidence, happiness, and work performance has positioned her as a highly sought-after expert.
Now, Anna Dafna is poised to share her groundbreaking work, personal journey, and insights into future solutions for the workplace and beyond. Available for interviews on topics ranging from ADHD and mental health to neurodiversity and performance, Anna can provide valuable perspectives on relevant issues. Anna’s upcoming book on managing and leveraging ADHD promises to be a significant contribution to the discourse on neurodiversity.

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