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Buying Your Contact Lenses Online – Breaking Down Everything You Need to Know

Over recent years, optometry services have continued their expansion into the online world. Individuals with eyesight issues can now do everything from acquiring their prescription glasses online to ordering packs of everyday contact lenses.

Contact lenses provide vital support for a range of daily activities, commonly used for those with near-sightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia. When fitted correctly, lenses offer a viable alternative to glasses (particularly in situations where they cannot be worn).

Purchasing your lenses online can be highly convenient and cost-effective for individuals that hold a valid prescription in Australia. For seasoned lens users, the online experience also cuts down the time required to replenish their supply.


For seasoned users, the convenience of being able to buy contact lenses online is unmatched. As long as you know the correct style and own a valid prescription, this process is very straightforward. Later in this article, we will delve into a list of key considerations to ensure that your purchase goes as smooth as possible.

Lenses can be ordered online for home delivery or for pickup at your local optometrist. Remember to check the delivery and returns policy of each provider before an order is made. 

Know the Styles

Contact lenses are purpose-built to accommodate an array of personal circumstances, activities, and environmental conditions. As a result, each user should select the correct lens for their unique situation. Common contact lens styles include the following

  • Single vision
  • Driving
  • UV-protection
  • Blue light
  • Office/computer work
  • Polarised
  • Digital device use

Of course, a simple consultation with your optometrist should guide you toward the most applicable option. An optometrist will help to determine the correct modality and lens material. Selecting the correct style is a simple yet vital step for achieving a crisp and comfortable vision.

Key Considerations

Buying your contact lenses online is highly convenient. However, there is a range of factors that you must take into consideration.

  1. Is Your Prescription Valid?Contact lenses are only effective if they fit your exact eye measurements. Correct sizing is determined through a professional contact lens fitting by a licensed optometrist/eye doctor. From here, a personalized prescription is written and used to inform your lens purchase. Your resulting prescription not only informs the size required but also the most suitable brand.

    If this prescription has expired, you must book an eye exam prior to the purchase of any newer lens. This will ensure that you don’t waste money on ill-fitting or uncomfortable eyewear. 

  2. Have You Visited the Optometrist Recently?Even if you have a valid prescription, regular eye exams are still recommended as frequently as once a year. This process is necessary to track any changes or decline in eyesight. If changes are detected, alterations to your contact lens prescription may also need to occur. The results may also be good news

    Of course, this all depends on the extent of your eyesight issues and concerns. Remember – whether they be contacts or glasses, the health of your eyes is never an issue to take lightly.

Eye Test

  1. Is the Retailer a Reputable Supplier?

    Ordering anything related to a medical/health concern should always occur through the correct channels. This means that the optometrist selling contacts online is licensed, accredited, and recognized names in the industry.
    If your current optometrist happens to stock lenses online then you’re all good to go. 
  2. How Many Lenses Do You Need?As you begin your journey to buy contact lenses online, you’ll quickly notice that they vary significantly in quantity. On the lower end of the spectrum, contact lenses are typically available in packets of 3 or 6. Lenses at the higher end range between boxes of 30, 60 or 90. Obviously, your decision will depend upon the frequency of use. If you’re unsure as to how many are required, we recommend reaching out to a local optometrist for professional advice. 
  3. Do You Have Experience with the Brand?Wearing contact lenses is an incredibly personal experience that varies from individual to individual. Therefore, different brands naturally accommodate the needs of each user differently. If you already have direct experience with a brand and the online supplier happens to have it in stock, everything can fall neatly into place.

Buying Online to Save Time

Like any goods, services, equipment, or electronics, ordering online is an excellent way to save time and energy – particularly if you can already tick off all the necessary boxes (e.g., prescription, etc.). Another common situation is that you cannot physically visit the optometrist and pick up the lenses.

The online optometry experience has truly evolved. Suppliers now use interactive tools that allow you to select lens by power, DIA (diameter), BC (base curve), and quantity. At this same, each user can plug in their prescription issue and expiry dates (optional). Overall, this has significantly cut down the time required to place your order.

Buying Online to Save Money

Across the board, contact lenses are generally available at cheaper prices online than in physical stores. Regular deals and discounts are also commonplace across the online optometry marketplace. Savings increase even further when the retailer offers free shipping (this will vary from business to business). Information surrounding delivery and return policies should also be listed on their website.

Detailed Product Descriptions

When browsing in person, there is only so much you can learn about a product from the back of its packaging. In stark contrast, the online experience often features detailed descriptions and useful info on each product. Information may include everything from material to feel, function, frequency, and the source manufacturer.

What Happens if You Buy the Wrong Lenses?

As detailed in this explained article, you should never wear another individual’s personalized lenses. Sleeping with the wrong pair of contact lenses on is particularly dangerous and can lead to permanent damage. Luckily, this can be easily avoided through a quick visit to your local optometrist. A short eye exam will define the correct sizing required.