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Hitting TV Screens soon, the New Target of a Controversial Show Pushing All the boundaries Around Toxicity

Born in Portugal and brought to the UK at a young age, Sandro experienced homelessness with his parents in London. Despite facing adversity and bullying at school, he developed resilience and determination. He overcame bullying by standing up to his tormentors and, at the age of 17, was introduced to the world of property by his Ex ex-girlfriend’s father. With hard work and determination, he purchased his first property at the age of 22. However, a painful setback occurred when he and other investors were defrauded by a fraudulent private equity company. This experience led to a dark period of depression and addiction, causing him to lose his way.
In 2013, on the brink of homelessness again, Sandro founded Trio Group of companies, which involves Property Maintenance, Property Development and PROP TECH Divisions. While his businesses started to thrive, the toxicity of the rat race weighed heavily on him. An epiphany came when his blind aunt’s heartfelt message during a Christmas gift exchange touched his family deeply.
In 2016, Sandro embarked on a transformative spiritual journey in Peru, where he worked with a renowned shaman and experienced profound insights through Ayahuasca. These experiences laid the foundation for his movement, Detox Nation, which focuses on engineering positive change, breaking toxic patterns, and promoting mental, physical, and energetic well-being.
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In 2019, Sandro published his first book, “Entrepreneurs Paradox,” and by mid-2020, he achieved significant success in property. However, his journey humbled him, and he shifted his mission towards helping others. He has since become an influencer and is changing lives worldwide through Detox Nation, particularly in the business world and recovery communities. Sandro’s upcoming book and non-scripted TV series, in true “The Pursuit of Happiness” style for major networks are evidence of his commitment to making a positive impact on individuals and society as a whole.
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