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Brilliant vegan products

There definitely seems to be more awareness of cruelty to animals and saving the planet. Part of this awakening has been the creation of mnay brillaint vegan products. Organisations are making the effort to create cruelty-free products using sustainable materials. I thought it would be a good idea to list them in one place:

Vegan Footwear and PARO – clothing brand

List of the most innovative vegan footwear and clothing brands on PARO and beyond on your blog

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SUSI Studio

Susi uses sustainable materials like canvas, denim, hemp, and faux leather produced from recycled plastic bottles to create their products.
Susi’s focus is to inspire compassion towards humanity, animals, and the environment through creativity.  

Hipsters for Sisters

A modern company, Hipsters for Sisters believe it is their responsibility to take into consideration the welfare of the planet in the development of each of their products. They are committed to sustainability and source only the most innovative, animal and earth-friendly materials they can find.

Native Shoes

Sustainable footwear

Insecta Shoes

Insecta uses recycled rubber and plastic bottles, vintage clothing, and vegan leather to create its eco-friendly, vegan shoes.


Really good cruelty-free shoes – take a look!

In the soulshine

An Australian company committed to sustainability.


Reformation considers the costs in creating fashion—not just the price tag. RefScale tracks the environmental footprint by adding up the pounds of carbon dioxide emitted and gallons of water they use, and pounds of waste they generate.


Here is what Wawwa say:
We aim to make a product that lasts longer, negating the need for it to be replaced and minimising it’s effect on the planet, because we’ve only got one.

If you care about what you wear and being cruelty free…check out this link below for further organisations making a positive impact in the world:

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