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Breaking the Cycle of Addiction: 5 Things An Intervention Is and 4 Things It’s Not


Many people may be confused about what an intervention actually is. Popular media has made it difficult for the ordinary person to understand exactly how it works. So here are 5 things an intervention is, and 4 things an intervention isn’t.

An Intervention Is: Proper Communication

Any intervention Q&A guide will ensure that the family of the addict has been taught proper communication with each other during the intervention process. They are taught how to communicate with the addict effectively in order to eliminate judgment and make the addict feel guilty.

An Intervention Is: Accepting Accountability

An intervention is about addressing the role the family has played in preventing the addict from seeking help. This isn’t to say that blame is placed on the family; instead, it is about accepting responsibility for doing/not doing something that could have led the addict to seek treatment.

An Intervention Is: Accepting Frustration Is Natural

Family members are taught to understand that the frustration that they feel is natural. However, they need to also learn that their frustration is not solely on the addict but also on other family members as well.

An Intervention Is: Identifying Triggers

It’s important for family members to know which behaviors they express around the addict can worsen their addiction. Through this, they can learn to avoid these kinds of behaviors in the future.

An Intervention Is: Providing Closure

Regardless of the outcome of the intervention, families are provided with the closure that they need to move on. They’ll learn that they’ve done everything that they can to prevent further destruction.

An Intervention Isn’t: A Motivational Speech

This is not the time for family members to try and add empty words to the conversation to try and make the addict feel better. This is about the cold, hard truth about what the addict needs and offering support throughout the recovery process.

An Intervention Isn’t: About Control

An intervention is not about getting the addict to do exactly what you want them to do; that is one of the fastest ways for them to relapse. Deciding to go to recovery should be the addict’s decision, and they should not be forced into it by family members.

An Intervention Isn’t: Leaving The Addict Alone

All prayers aren’t answered just because an addict chooses to go to recover. Family members should not sit at home, anxiously waiting for the process to end so that their loved one can return. It’s a constant process where the family needs to be involved every step of the way.

An Intervention Isn’t: An Ultimatum

When presented with an ultimatum, the addict is going to recoil out of fear and choose not to go to recovery. Creating a black-or-white situation makes it stressful for the addict to make a choice that will benefit them in the long run.

Interventions involve a lot of moving parts, so there is no right answer as to how you can start an intervention. However, you can consult an experienced professional to help you out and start you on the right path with a greater chance of success.

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