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Mandy Kloppers

Brain health and body health


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Brain health and body health

It seems there is a definite divide between the way in which the brain is dealt with and the way in which the body is dealt with. The brain is mysterious as there is still so much we don’t know- we cannot replicate many of its functions, we still do not know exactly why we sleep or dream and there is still much to learn about mental illness. Perhaps this is why the brain is a second class citizen when it comes to receiving funding and importance in the health arena.

The irony is, many of us would rather give up a body part than lose our minds. Our brain is the power house, it helps us express who we are and enables us to maintain our bodies and our wishes. Without our brains there would be no body. Our brain is what makes us unique, it gives us our character and our personality. It makes sense that the brain should be protected, understood and maintained to the best of our abilities. If our minds are not functioning, our body health will be severely compromised.

Stress on the body can cause mental health issues just as too much mental stress can result in psychosomatic illness whereby, physical illness manifests to cope with the mental and emotional strain (such as digestive issues, eczema etc).

Adopting a holistic approach whereby we acknowledge how intertwined the mind and body is, is vital in keeping us well, functioning and happy.

Mandy X