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Mandy Kloppers

Body confidence and mental health

Body confidence and mental health are closely linked. Look at eating disorders as evidence of this. I know how not feeling good about myself can affect my mood and it can make or break my day if I feel good/bad about my body and my appearance.

There is hope for those of us who struggle with body confidence:

The best thing you can do is get familiar with your body shape as it is NOW. Get naked and get in front of a mirror. Go on…take a good look. No doubt, your eyes will be drawn to what you don’t like about yourself. Acknowledge that you are doing this and gently draw your attention back to your overall view. Learn to look for what you do like. Sure, we can all improve upon what we have but we are far kinder to ourselves when we accept ourselves as we are presently.

When we look at ourselves, we are our worst critics. Someone that wants to get naked with you won’t be standing their with their cliboard marking down all your defects. They’ll be happy to be with naked-you! Don’t draw attention to what you don’t like. Get comfortable in your own skin.

Do the ‘naked mirror exercise’ regularly until you get to the point where you can look at yourself non judgementally and possibly even with positive views about yourself. It can a while to ‘de-programme’ yourself but if you keep at it, the way you feel about yourself will improve.

We all come in different shapes and sizes. Self confidence covers many sins – get happy with yourself!

Mandy X