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Mandy Kloppers

Bitter twisted people

Bitter and twisted?
Bitter and twisted?


We all have to capacity to end up bitter and twisted depending on how we process what happens to us. As we get older, life can grind us down and too many failures, rejections and tough times can cause the best of us to feel angry and annoyed at the world.

Often, we become bitter and twisted by talking to ourselves in certain ways. For example – when we imagine that life should be different and that we should have more money or be married or have children when we don’t. This type of thinking only serves to magnify losses and heightens our sense of lack.

Most of our misery comes from the discrepancy between the way life is and the way we think it should be. Stop longing for what you don’t have and focus on what is good. We tend to be in the habit of focusing on the negative aspects of what we do have and the positive aspects of what we don’t have.

Make an effort to do the opposite – focus on the advantages of your life situation and the negatives of what you don’t have. Make your thinking work for you – it makes sense.

For example, if you are unmarried and childless, instead of focusing on those that are married with children and all the good you feel they might have in their lives that you don’t, remind yourself that you don’t know what their experience of life is like. Focus on the fact that you have freedom and can be selfish, do what you want. Look for the good in your situation – always.

Humans have the capacity to create and imagine and this can work for us or against us. Choose your thoughts wisely. be proud of the life that you have and make the most of your situation. We can always strive for better and improve ourselves but jump from the diving board of contentment and acceptance rather than anger and frustration. Don’t fool yourself into believing that your life is terrible and everyone else’s life is perfect. That is nonsense. We all have our cross to bear, make sure yours is as light as possible

Mandy X