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BetterHelp FAQ

BetterHelp is one of the largest online counseling platforms that exist today. BetterHelp offers a wide variety and delivering a new way than old fashioned therapy. Many people have started using an online platform such as BetterHelp for their healthcare needs in times like these. BetterHelp is the largest online therapy platform. It has many licensed therapists that are available 24/7. With the help of devices such as computers and smartphones, people may no longer go outside, making it more convenient. In this article, BetterHelp faq, we answer most of your questions and share tips on getting the most out of BetterHelp.

How does BetterHelp Works?

The first thing you do is signup to BetterHelp. BetterHelp will match you to available licensed counselors for online counseling. You can fill out a questionnaire to be matched with a therapist via BetterHelp Algorithms, or you can manually select a therapist that fits to deal with your healthcare needs. BetterHelp algorithm is accurate, but it’s up to whether you like it to choose in the therapist’s list within your state or area.

BetterHelp platform offers many licenses that have different approaches and expertise, so it’s very important to find the right therapist who can help you with your healthcare needs and provide positive results. You can also select a different therapist if you think your present therapist might not be a good fit to address your health issues. If your counselor can prescribe medication, the answer is no. The counselor or therapist is not a doctor of medicine.

 How and who will be in charge of helping me

 The therapist is the one who will help you in answering your questions and issues. You and your therapist will set up a schedule for your online therapy session based on what date you have agreed upon. These are the guidelines on how you would start the online therapy session.

Log in to the website using your account. There is a chat page showing  your schedule details of scheduled sessions on the web page’s leftmost pane. The chat page is where you can exchange messages like queries or questions. You can choose what approach you would like to use voice chat, video call, or plain text messages. When you pick a counselor, it’s not idle to choose a counselor who only offers messaging services. It’s recommended that you choose a counselor who offers video sessions because you will understand it better and know who you’re talking with is.

Is the counselor legit and verified?

Counselors on Better help are all trained in their field; they are all licensed therapists. All of them have a master’s degree or doctorate in their fields. The therapist who works in BetterHelp has been qualified and certified by their state’s professional board after completing the necessary education, practice, and training. The person behind your camera is well trained and experienced, so there’s nothing to worry about. Each possesses a minimum of 3 years of experience and more than a thousand hours of hands-on experience. BetterHelp ensures that every therapist they bring into the platform is fully licensed and has a good record in their work field. Therapists or counselors must provide legal documentation, proof of identity, etc., to work in BetterHelp.

Also, BetterHelp reviews their application for almost 4-5 weeks before they can get in. Only about 15% therapist is accepted to work in BetterHelp.

How much does BetterHelp online therapy session cost?

The cost of counseling in BetterHelp ranges from $60-$80 per week, and it’s based on your locations and therapist. BetterHelp is cheap to address your basic healthcare needs without needing to go out. You can also cancel your membership when you want that makes it great and idle for some people who are not satisfied enough.

How does the live session work

BetterHelp provides three live sessions to talk to your counselor to live chat, phone session, and video session. It’s up to you to choose your preferred method. Live chat is a real-time text conversation with your counselor. Phone sessions are a great way to speak with your preferred counselor by simply using your smartphones no matter where you are. Video sessions are the most recommended approach in the Telehealth industry, video call session with your counselor where you can see each other via third party application similar to zoom or skype, etc. All of this approach requires a schedule with your counselor, and you may need a certain device like a smartphone or laptop to talk with your counselor.

Is my Privacy Protected?

BetterHelp ensures that your personal information is protected. Securing your privacy and confidentiality is well protected. BetterHelp privacy standards are far more advanced than what is required by law and regulation, so you can rest easy and feel comfortable. All of the messages between you and your counselor are encrypted. BetterHelp is using high-grade servers that ensure the best class security in protecting your data. Their database is also encrypted to ensure the data’s utmost security if the data might get intercepted or stolen.

Can I remain Anonymous?

Signing up is BetterHelp do not ask or require your full name and other personal information. You can freely choose any nickname you may like to use. You must give emergency contact information that is kept in the system and avoid trolling and fake accounts.

Does BetterHelp take Health Insurance?

BetterHelp does not accept health insurance directly.  Insurance usually bills based on the types of services you receive. In BetterHelp, counselors have different rates for an online therapy session. BetterHelp’s billing structure is different because each of their therapists offers a different rate. It’s not your ordinary insurance plan to a regular insurance company.

Is BetterHelp Legit?

To answer the Question is BetterHelp Legit? The answer is Yes. BetterHelp is a for-profit business. They conduct their business using an online platform. These online platforms are specifically designed to match the counsellor to the client. Their matchmaking algorithms are accurate enough to match the client to the right counsellor to address their healthcare needs. BetterHelp also ensures that every counsellor in the platform is licensed and legit. The services you receive online are equivalent to in-office therapy. Many claim that BetterHelp counsellors are good at addressing your healthcare issues, but others can’t mean that they are fake. BetterHelp is a legit business and proves to do well in the telehealth industry.


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