Mandy Kloppers

Best Canadian Cities for Couples Looking to Start a Family

Starting a family in Canada can be a huge step towards the next part of your life: but it’s important to create that step in the right location.  Where you live will decide what type of jobs you can get, what kind of education your children can receive, and how expensive the homes and cost of living are.


These are the best cities in Canada for families, and why they’re such awesome choices.

Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa is the nation’s capital, so for some, it’s the perfect choice when deciding where to raise their families.  Not only does it have countless museums and art galleries that can expand your children’s minds, but it also has great schools that offer the opportunity to get the best education in the country.


Ontario has one of the best job markets in the country, with plenty of positions open in high-paying roles, and living can be affordable if you don’t mind a commute into work.

Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is one of the best cities to raise a family in because it understands the importance of work-life balance.  This city aims to encourage people to spend time with their families and give employees the chance to succeed and grow in their field.


Plenty of vacation destinations are nearby, too, like Banff and Jasper, so your kids can get the most out of their holidays while also getting a great education.

Montreal, Quebec

If you have kids, and you want to give them the best chance to succeed: many families find that in Montreal.  Not only is this a gorgeous and massive city, but it’s also the safest city in Canada due to its low homicide and violent crime rates.


A major perk for families here is that children will have the chance to be bilingual or trilingual, which will open them up to job and education opportunities in the future. In addition, Montreal isn’t as expensive as other cities on this list and is a great option for anyone.

Toronto, Ontario

Toronto may be the second most expensive city in Canada: but it’s also the most diverse.  People who live here have the opportunity to learn about as many cultures as possible and get to know people from all walks of life.  This can be incredibly useful to any family wanting to ensure their children have well-rounded world views.


Although homes for sale in Toronto are extremely pricey, averaging over a million dollars for the last four years, many have found that it’s worth it to be able to live in such an important city.

Victoria, British Columbia

If you want your children to be able to enjoy the best out of the summer and avoid the harsh chill that comes with a lot of Canada’s winters, it’s a good idea to move to Victoria.


This artsy oceanside town gives families the chance to encourage their children’s creativity, gain access to major cities like Seattle and Vancouver, and offers excellent schools.  Although this can be an expensive place to live for some people, most employees’ pay is good enough to cover that.


Photo by Eugene Aikimov on Unsplash