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Mandy Kloppers

Benefits of Smiling: Simples Ways To Make Someone Smile

“Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.” – Mother Theresa

Indeed it is. Smile is a language that is understood by everyone. In research led by the University of South Australia, it was confirmed that a smile can induce a sense of positivity in your mind. As you smile, you’d find that people around are also smiling at you, thus spreading good cheer!

Do you know, smiling during athletic activities can significantly reduce perceived effort and boost performance? Now, life’s activities do not require any less endurance than athletics. If an athlete can perform with a smile to win, imagine what you could achieve in life with the same smile on your face!

In a study led by the University of California, Irvine, it was found that a smile can lessen the impact of the prick of an injection needle. Talk about smiling at life’s perils! There are plenty of other researches that indicate that people who smile often are better at achieving life goals, besides having healthy relationships.


So let us today take up the charge of making someone smile. How would you do that? Well for starters, smile at your reflection in the mirror, and then at your neighbour as you leave home for work, at a random stranger on the road, or the security person at your office. As the saying goes, when you smile, the world smiles with you. So, off you go starting a wildfire of smiles!


What next? Try paying a genuine compliment. It never fails to turn down a frown. Perhaps your partner is sporting a new hairstyle, or your friend has grown a lush garden in his backyard! Or your colleague has clinched a new deal for the company. Complement heartily and watch them bounce back to you in no time at all!


Telling your children that you are proud of them can not only make them smile but boost their confidence immensely. And of course, you do not need any reason to hug them randomly but by doing so, you’ll surely make their day! Try doing it and see how their eyes light up!


Holding a door open for a stranger walking behind you may be a simple courtesy but is also a sure-fire way to induce a smile. So is giving up a seat on the train to someone who is visibly discomforted by standing.


A surprise visit to your parents to tell how much you miss them or a “just-like-that” call to your partner at work could generate a lovely smile without you having to spend a single penny. But if you are not averse to spending a few bucks to make a loved one smile, arrange for same day flower delivery to help someone have a good day. Sending unexpected gifts is also a lovely way to make someone smile.


What other tricks do you have up your sleeve to make people smile? Do share with us!


Photo by leandro fregoni on Unsplash