Mandy Kloppers

Benefits of online therapy

The benefits of online counselling are clear. Choosing a therapist online means you can choose the therapist that is most suited to you from a wider geographic location. Online counselling in the privacy of your own home can make it easier to feel safer and to be more open with a counsellor than if you are in their territory trying to open up about personal issues.

Things to look for in an online counsellor:

  1. Make sure they are accredited or belong to a professional body as this offers you legal protection should they violate professional boundaries.
  2. Check that the counsellor has experience – has their opinion been sought by the media? This can lend to credibility and expertise.
  3. Ask the counsellor if you could have a brief Skype session with them to meet online to see if you feel relaxed and at ease with them. Most counsellors should be willing to have 5-10 minute Skype chat with you for free in advance of possibly making an appointment.
  4. Ensure that the counsellor has experience in dealing with your particular issue (eg, anxiety or depression).
  5. Check for their method of working – a counsellor who has Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as part of their approach is a definite bonus.

Finding an online counsellor has an evidence based element to it (their qualifications and experience) but most importantly – see how you feel with their manner first. The most experienced and qualified counsellor will not be able to do a good job if you do not feel at ease with them.

Mandy X