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Before You Sign Up for That Dating Site, Read This

We all have different romantic scenarios of how we met our significant other. Most people would actually prefer meeting a lover the old-fashioned way – when you bumped into each other and immediately felt the sparks flying. With online dating, however, it isn’t so much different. The best part about it is that there’s no trial and error. Here, you get to choose a person who captures your expectations, a person who shares your dreams, visions, and to top it all up, someone who fits your own description of beauty. 

There’s so much negativity surrounding online dating. Society assumes that people who decide to go the online dating way are desperate, extremely introverted, or anti-social. On the contrary, you can be an outgoing person, but still fail to meet a person that shares your visions and dreams in a social gatheringThere’s quite an appraisable number of people who confess to meeting their soulmates on dating sites. Well, if you’re only going into online dating just to forget your ex, that’s a bad step, perhaps, seek help at for the precise ways to move in life and become a better version of you.

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With the overflow of online dating sites, it’s crucial to exercise care when visiting such sites. Some dating sites ensure their users’ information is protected from third-party misuse. There’s an unbelievable increase in cyber crimes. You should exercise extreme caution, especially when setting up your online dating profile.  

Here are some tips to guide you when navigating online dating: 

  • Paid dating sites are the better option. 

Frauds and scammers naturally avoid paid sites because it requires credit card information which would automatically reveal one’s true identity. However, this doesn’t mean there can’t be such people in paid sites. Finding a soulmate can cost you some hard-earned money. Don’t be afraid to part with some amount of cash. Most of the unpaid dating sites are usually a haven for scammers and frauds. 

  • One dating site at a time, please. 

Don’t set up multiple accounts with different dating sites. Try one, or rather, stick to one and maybe change when you don’t feel safe or have exhausted your options. This will also give you time to get to look for many potential lovers. The more the sites, the harder the choices. 

  • It’s okay to be suspicious. 

Online dating requires us to talk or meet up with total strangers. One thing you’ll realize is that it’s never that hard to talk to people you don’t know. You should, however, look out for suspicious individuals. If your gut feelings tell you not to trust that stranger you’re about to have a first date with, then don’t. Our instincts are usually 90 percent right. 

  • Falling in love requires emotional bonds. 

Unlike the assumptions of online dating, you have to be in the same emotional capacity for the love to work. Love requires us to be vulnerable and admit our true feelings. Online dating gives us this satisfaction because both of you are lonely, and need someone to spend some good time with. Don’t expect to hit it off from the start. 

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