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Mandy Kloppers

Becoming a vegetarian

I want to become a vegetarian. My conscience is invading more often than ever before and I just can’t go to the supermarket without pangs of guilt washing over me when I walk down the meat aisle. Many days I can’t even face putting meat in my basket. I am still eating fish, eggs and dairy but I really want to stop eating all meat and fish completely.

The high demand for food has meant that poor animals such as chickens, cows, pigs and sheep (etc) have the most miserable lives and have no freedom at all. Factory farming has lead to these poor creatures being seen as objects with no thought for their welfare. I am reading a book called “Sapiens” (highly recommended – I still need to add it to my blog page on “Books I love” and in there the author describes the misery of poor calves and the awful, confined lives they lead before going to the abbatoir.

It bothered me for days after reading that. I would never push the idea of vegetarianism on others. It is a personal choice but I need to like myself and stand by values I cherish. Vegetarianism would allow me to like myself more.

I am working on it. Any vegans/vegetarians out there with any thoughts? Recipes?

Mandy X


PS – Take a look at the Memphis Meat project! Interesting!! “A world without slaughter”


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