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Be yourself



Be yourself

We all compare ourselves to others and often it’s not in favourable terms. We tell ourselves that if we were thinner, richer or more outgoing that we could be happy and have the life we want. I am hoping to give you a different perspective on this in this post.

Think of Sienna Miller, Cheryl Cole or Maria Shriver – they are all beautiful yet their men had affairs behind their backs. This shows me that even being gorgeous is no guarantee of happiness and love. So…any thoughts about not being pretty enough and needing to be more beautiful to have a happy relationship with love and stability are flawed. The lesson here is to stop yearning to be something/someone else and get stuck in with accepting yourself and working with what you have.

Money…it’s great to think about all that we could do with a lot of money and while it’s true that money does give you more freedom to choose in life, it does not mean that life suddenly becomes easy without any problems. Think of the sad case of Robin Williams. His death refutes any ideas that money can fix life’s issues and make you immune to the troubles of the general population – not true. Many wealthy people end up doing drugs as they become desensitized to life and need a higher fix each time. Having money does have it’s down sides! It’s fine to want more money but it’s not helpful to see money as a way to solve life’s problems. Sometimes it can add to the problems – not knowing if people like you for who you are or for what you can do for them.

It can be very self defeating to think about what you don’t have and imagine that if you had these things in your life, you would be so much happier. It might be true but it might not. Don’t wish away possibilities for happiness now. By resisting who you are and comparing yourself to what you think is a better, more ideal life can leave you feeling depressed and anxious. Thoughts are not facts – challenge what you choose to believe. If it makes you feel sad, think of life in another way. Choosing thoughts that support you will give you a much better quality of life and a happier existence. Just be yourself – be genuine and have confidence in you – this is the most alluring way to be.

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