Emotional Wellbeing

Mandy Kloppers

Be Your Most Confident Self

It is not always easy putting your best foot forward. There are times when we all want to curl up into a ball and hide beneath the duvet covers. Life can be a trial, especially when you are always busy and have no time to look after yourself. You probably feel the threads of yourself coming away at the seams and are powerless against the ripping tirade. It all spiralling out of control, and you are a passenger in your own life. This is definitely not good for your sense of self-worth. To become more confident, you need to take back a bit of control, become the master of your own destiny. It doesn’t matter who you are or what position you are in. You can own your life. To rebuild your mind, you must regain some semblance of control. 

Time out

You may be extremely busy, but you have to find time to be alone. Even if it is only for ten minutes. Sit in a quiet place, turn off all distractions, like your phone, and relax. It may be an idea to meditate and try to switch off completely. This will help you reduce stress. If you can turn off the outside world for a few minutes, you will begin to think more clearly and rationally. The idea is to allow yourself the time to put things into perspective and give you a chance to come up with a method to move forward with less worry. The answers will come to you if you allow yourself time to focus on you. 


Cut out bad habits

We all have them, it’s just a matter of degree. If you can eliminate all the bad habits from your life, not only will you feel better, but you will have more time. How many hours do you spend on social media, for example? Or waiting in a queue for the drive-through. You don’t have to go cold turkey all at once, plan a course of action. What can you cut out first? Smoking? Seeing that toxic friend, or that extra glass of wine at night? Think about replacing bad habits for a good one, like diet and exercise. If you can do this, your confidence will begin to shine through, and you will become more yourself again. 


Seek help 

If you really are struggling in your life, the worst thing you can do is bottle it up and hope it will go away. It will not. You are asking for trouble if this is your method or more appropriately unmethod. It could be you are struggling with sleep and need a sleeping aid, or maybe you need some help overcoming depression. Perhaps you are disabled and need a little extra help, well, St. Jude’s are a Perth disability service provider and are ready and able to help you with your needs. Never be too proud to see a doctor as what you really need could be on the other side of a simple conversation. 

Mandy X


Image from Pixabay