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Be There For Her And Make Her Feel Supported – 6 Comforting Ideas

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“Regardless of the pain and feeling down the hill, when you truly stand by someone, they automatically start getting better, if not quickly but eventually!”Facing something as hard as separation can be destabilizing on a matchless level. All of a sudden, we are supposed to say goodbye to a life and person we had imagined staying with till our last breath.

What’s more hurting is seeing someone you really care about trying to process the same pain. However, no pain lasts longer when met with care, supportive connection, and above all, love!

So, if you are already looking for ways to support someone emotionally and want her never to stop fighting the dark days, this blog is here to help you out! Therefore, without wasting further time, scroll down below, read and find out how you can help ease someone’s pain with simple yet meaningful gestures.

1.    Let Her Get Surrounded By Positive And Meaningful Energy:

Buying thoughtful gifts for someone going through troubled waters is one of the best ways to support someone emotionally. Presents that symbolize adoration, care, and compassion are more helpful in maintaining positive vibes when words fail to do so. So, bring and hand over a rose quartz necklace with healing powers as crystals are meaningful enough to help out in such situations. By doing so, you can ensure that she is surrounded by healing, love, and positivity.

2.    Deflect Her Mind With Interesting Activities:

Sometimes planning distracting activities turn out to be surprisingly refreshing. It is a known fact that the chance of falling into unhealthy patterns increases when a person doesn’t take a break from a regular and exhausting routine. Moreover, since she’s seeing a phase of her life that’s hurting to the core, she may be unable to see the bright side of life. So, now is your time to help her see the goodness through gloomy skies!

3.    Don’t Shy Away And Ask Her What She Needs:

Usually, people standing in the middle of nowhere stop focusing on what they really need. This is because, to be honest, dark days suck the life out of everyone! But, since you are here to help and already looking for ways to support someone emotionally, your loved one shouldn’t be feeling this way anymore. To make her feel supported and prioritize self-care, ask her how she is doing or what she needs from time to time. This will help you stay close to her, be aware of her needs, and prevent her from drowning in feelings of despair.

4.    Create And Hold A Healthy Space For Her:

Holding a healthy space is yet another one of the crucial ways to support someone emotionally. Because, let’s face it, processing through grief varies from person to person. Moreover, the least one would want when facing uncertain times is a lecture on how matters could have turned out better. But since you are her friend or even a close one, you probably already know her likes, dislikes, and trigger points.

So, work accordingly. This will help her a lot in taking things slowly and at her own pace. And this is the most important part of the healing.

5.    Keep Checking On Her; It’ll Help Too:

This is also one of the great ways to support someone emotionally and be there for them. When you keep checking on her, it makes her realize that even if matters have ended in a not-so-good way with one person, she still has people around her that are ready to support her. You can show up at her place with her favorite meal, arrange a movie night that’ll let you stay around her, or stay in contact through face-timing if you are away for some reason.

6.    Don’t Let Her Move Out Alone:

Moving out is in itself an energy-draining task. So, just imagine how it would affect a person already dealing with divorce.

Therefore, helping her pack her essentials would definitely mean a lot to her in terms of emotional support. This way, you will be present for her when she says her last goodbye to the life she had imagined for herself.

It is natural to feel stuck and confused about how to comfort someone already in the middle of a dreading phase of their life. Because, on the one hand, you want to make everything right for her, while on the other hand, you don’t want to show up being too assertive. But once you are guided in the right direction and work accordingly in an articulated way, things start getting better for her as well as you.

With that being said, hopefully, the comforting ways to support someone emotionally that are listed above will help you be there for her for a long run and not just till the dust settles down!

Lastly, if you have anything to add or suggest, do let us know in the comments section below!