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Be Prepared In Advance For Valentine’s Day!

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Do you want to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day with something more than the typical bouquet or box of chocolates? If your partner is romantic, they will love it if you let your imagination run wild and, if your finances allow it, the budget, and surprise them with an original idea. When is Valentine’s Day? February 14 and of course, the day has quite a bit of history attached to it.

The history of St Valentine’s Day

Year after year, every February 14, millions of people around the world show their love to their partner by celebrating Valentine’s Day and giving gifts. However, not everyone knows the origin of their celebration. Who was St Valentine? Why is he the patron saint of lovers? The origin of Valentine’s Day, between their story and legend. February 14 is the name day of Valentine’s Day, but who was their famous saint? The history of Valentine’s Day goes back many centuries and is shrouded in the haze of legend, so much so that today the Catholic Church questions its existence. Since 1969 it has not celebrated their holiday. The origins of the tradition must be sought back in the third century, when Christianity was expanding rapidly through the Roman Empire, despite attempts by Roman leaders to put an end to their new faith, which threatened the stability of the Empire. It was then when the tradition of three Roman martyrs called Valentine appeared. Some sources point to Saint Valentine of Terni as the actual Saint Valentine, others speak of a certain Valentino who was martyred in Africa, but perhaps the most romantic story (or legend) is that of Saint Valentine of Rome.

Finding your budget

Suppose you have a little budget … or no budget. In that case, you should look at a romantic book, perfume, or flowers. You can prepare a special meal for them, and it can be a breakfast, a dinner, and make a playlist of songs and prepare a homemade photo album with all those unforgettable memories that you have shared. If you have more budget, other ideas to have a perfect Valentine include surprise getaways or trips (if Covid allows), or a romantic dinner in a particular restaurant they love. Here are some lovely ideas for you to delve into and surprise your loved one!

valentine's day

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Dinner at home

The decoration will be essential to achieve an intimate and unique atmosphere. For example, place scented candles throughout the house, flowers from the hall to the table where you go to dinner or write romantic notes scattered on the floor as if it were a pathway to a magical oasis.

As for the menu for Valentine’s Day, it must be original and contain that touch of love. Buying aphrodisiac and exotic food and cooking it together is often a trendy idea. If you prefer to have the surprise ready, then prepare everything for the occasion and remember to place the dinner in heart moulds. In some restaurants, Japanese cuisine has become fashionable, and now one of their more erotic statements is known as Body Sushi – this is something worth looking into! Finally, finish the Valentine’s menu with a good dessert: chocolate fondue with aphrodisiac fruits or your favourite heart-shaped cake are very suggestive options.

valentin'es meal

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

Recreate a scene from your favourite movie for Valentine’s Day 

An essential aspect of surprising someone on Valentine’s Day is creativity. What your partner will value the most will be that it is a detail worked, in which you have invested time and, above all, that it is not expected. What is your partner’s favourite romantic movie? You just have to watch it and choose two or three crucial romantic moments in the film. Then think about how you could recreate them in your own home. Their jaw will drop when he sees you act as the protagonist of the movie! To complete the surprise, learn some of the dialogue from the film and write it down on a piece of paper to give to your partner so that you can recreate the entire scene. If you’re aspiring actors, this could genuinely be an exciting treat!

Flowers are timeless

If there is a perfect combination, it is love and flowers. Pamper your special someone with a bouquet. You can write him a note that will come with the flowers. It is the perfect time for you to be speechless. Red flowers are always one of the best options. Why? Red is the color that most often predominates in bouquets of love flowers. They represent love and passion. A bouquet with red flowers will attract attention, and you will not like it more. If there is an ideal gift for lovers, it is a bouquet. No matter how the years go by, it is one of those details that never go out of style. Because the smile when you give someone fresh flowers is priceless, no one can resist a spectacular bouquet full of aroma. It uplifts them.The bouquets represent the joy and illusion of a stage in your life too, a moment to celebrate. If you plan to give them as a gift to the person you love, do not hesitate to give a bouquet of love flowers. The flowers are exceptional detail and timeless; flowers never go out of style! 

Written in the stars

How would you like to frame the map of the stars on your first date? The Night Sky creates a poster with the star map of the date you choose, the day you met, the first kiss, your wedding night …in short, a gift that will thrill you every time you look at it. Without a doubt, The Night Sky is an original gift to give anyone on Valentine’s Day. 


Do you like Valentine’s Day? Are you one of those who always give something different and original to your partner? Whatever your budget is, Valentine’s Day is a way to show love, regardless of gifts, so either way, make it a special one! 

Featured image: Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Mandy Kloppers
Author: Mandy Kloppers

Mandy is a qualified therapist who treats depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, trauma, and many other types of mental health issues. She provides online therapy around the world for those needing support and also provides relationship counselling.

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