Mandy Kloppers

Be a misfit

be a rebel

Yeah yeah, I know…that’s an odd thing to advise – be a misfit. We all want to fit in, not make waves and blend in nicely. I am acutely aware of this at the moment as my son is 14 years old and the peer pressure at school is constant. How you act, what you say,what you wear – it all seems to be minutely scrutinized and fitting in is paramount. We don’t have the confidence at that stage of life to throw two fingers up and do our own thing. I am not allowed to embarrass him on any level, I usually have to park three suburbs away when I drop him off at school and fetch him and I have to keep my head down, wear a wig and keep the music down. Okay, I am exaggerating a tiny bit..but most if it is true 🙂

The older I get the more I enjoy being unconventional and not fitting in. Who wants to be the same as everyone else anyway? Perhaps as we get older, our growing confidence gives us the boost we need to want to make our mark on the world in some way. The irony is that those people that have the guts to be different and ignore the judgements of others are often the same people that have the respect of others. Many will silently observe wishing they had it in them to be so daring and sure of themselves. We all live within this shell of respectability and if we don;t resist it it becomes heavier and stronger until we are so institutionalised according to what society wants and approves of. We all have a bit of misfit characteristics within us but often we don’t show our true selves because even that feels threatening. It can make us feel vulnerable to judgement from others and possible rejection.

Here are a few funny ways to release the unconditioned you, the one that isn’t suppressed – the amount of fun and freedom you will feel will be exhilirating…

1) Walk backwards to your car in the morning or from your front door to the pavement. ignore the thoughts of what the neighbours might think. Doing this challenges all sorts of limiting thoughts about how the world it – resist conforming and see how it starts you day off in a fun way and adds a spring to your step…really!

2) Laugh really loudly, clap your hands and chuckle like Goofy when someone tells you a joke

3) If you travel on public transport, every now and then smack your forehead and say loudly “no, you can’t go toilet now..later!”

4) In a lift full of people – say “thank you for all making the meeting today. Who is going to take the minutes?”

What have you done today that’s different and just a bit silly?? Shake it up!

Mandy X