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Baking away the stress and anxiety brought on by the coronavirus

At the Mindful Baker®, and as a qualified life coach and proficient chef, Tim Leach offers a range of free online classes to anybody who needs to take their mind away from the publicised fear that is constantly bombarding them as soon as they make contact with the outside world.


The courses provided by The Mindful Baker® give individuals the opportunity to taste the fruits of their labour by the end of each course, all the while mindfully observing, confronting and managing the daily onslaught of negative thinking that arises from the horrific situation we are all in. Making isolation a novel way to develop themselves.


In 2007, Tim Leach, the man behind The Mindful Baker®, skied off a mountain, in France, resulting in him breaking his neck, back, ankle and skull; spending 3 weeks in a coma before regaining consciousness.


The weeks, months and years that followed during his recovery saw him eventually stumble upon the practise of mindfulness, which, quite literally, revolutionised his life, and made him better than he was before that fateful day.


While studying and practicing mindfulness, as well as learning the art of baking, Tim noticed a distinct similarity between leading a mindful existence and baking a loaf of sourdough, which resonated very deeply with the clients he introduced the process to, along the way.


Curious to understand? Clients have the opportunity to log onto his youtube channel, which can be accessed by typing ‘The Mindful Baker’ into the search bar. They can also find him on instagram: @tim_themindfulbaker or through his facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/timinology


My only interest is to help you to manage and confront the fear of COVID-19, so however you start the course, when you finish, you will be in a much better place than wheyou logged on.”

I have undergone the relevant training in this area of life but to be perfectly honest, I would say that my life experiences far outweigh any qualifications. With that in mind, therefore, I would like to think that through everything I have encountered to be where I am now, there’s a pretty good chance I can serve you to the best of my ability.”

At the Mindful Baker®, clients have the opportunity to pick from a variety of online courses, ranging from how to make a sourdough starter, how to bake a loaf of sourdough, all the way to learning how to mindfully confront any of the issues that are preventing them from leading as controlled and productive a life as possible during this pandemic. 

The Mindful Baker® is a life coaching, session-based enterprise, combining the art of baking with mindfulness.

Contact Information: Tim Leach, The Mindful Baker, tim@themindfulbaker.com





Photo by William on Unsplash