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Bad Eating Habits: 6 Food Habits That Weaken Our Immunity

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Keeping your immune system strong is one of the most important and effective things you can do right now, as the coronavirus pandemic is still not completely gone.

But strengthening immunity is like two side coin. It’s all about choosing foods that help support immune function.

While bypassing behaviors that can weaken immunity. Here are six habits to keep in mind as you work on boosting your body’s defenses.

Excessive Drinking

It’s normal to drink a little bit of alcohol every now and then. It also does not affect immunity, but in some medical conditions, occasionally, sipping alcohol or beer is considered better.

The problem comes when a hobby becomes an addiction. Anything in excess is bad, then the warning is written on the bottle itself.

Therefore, even if it is for a short time, but if too much alcohol is consumed, it weakens the immune system.

Excessive drinking includes both binge drinking and drinking too much. The CDC describes women’s binge drinking as 4 or 5 packs or more in a single sitting. And 5 or more for men.

Heavy drinking means consuming 8 or more per week for women and 15 or more for men.

If you feel that you are involved in accessorizing these days, then both genders should immediately cut their intake according to the day.

And if you feel like you can’t control yourself, get help. Family doctor.

Eating Too Much Salt – Excessive Sodium (Salt) Intake

We can see or see it associated with problems like fluid retention and high blood pressure.

But a new study from the University Hospital of Bonn on both humans and rats has concluded that very high sodium-salt intakes can lead to immune deficiencies.

Researchers found that when the kidneys excrete excess sodium, a domino effect occurs that reduces the body’s ability to fight bacterial infections.

According to the CDC, more than 70% of Americans’ sodium consumption comes from processed foods.

Therefore, to avoid excessive salt intake, the first thing to do is to control your processed food intake. It has to be reduced and then if possible it will have to be stopped. Anyway, what kind of health addition are this junk food going to do!

Limit packaged soups, frozen pizza, burgers, and cold drinks. Check for milligrams of sodium per serving on the Nutrition Facts label.

Excessive Sugar Intake- Excessive Sugar Intake

By the way, in today’s gym freak scenario, everyone is well aware of how dangerous white sugar is. And then also accessive intake of what is already in danger? That is, kill that too two-sided!

Reducing access sugar intake is a good idea for many reasons, including healthy mental health. It is also beneficial for immune support.

There are many health and wellness related benefits of low sugar intake, but it does not mean that you have to give up sugar completely. Just want to reduce. Or to avoid access intake! There is difference between both.

No more than six teaspoons of sugar per day should be consumed for women and nine for men. One teaspoon is equal to four grams of extra sugar. That is, 24 and 36 grams of added sugar are added per day for women and men respectively.

Excessive Caffeine Intake – Overdoing Caffeine Intake

Being rich in anti-inflammatory properties and their high antioxidant levels, coffee and tea make for health-protective drinks.

However, too much caffeine can disturb sleep and result in the promotion of inflammation. And it could be immunity week.

Avoid caffeinated drinks made with sugar and artificial sweeteners to best support immune functions.

Before enjoying coffee and tea, keep in mind the time.

Cut down your caffeine intake at least six hours before bedtime to prevent sleep disruption.

Skimp on Fiber Intake – Skimping On Fiber

Fiber supports good digestive health and helps change the makeup of gut bacteria in a way that boosts both immunity and mood.

Research shows that a high intake of fiber-rich foods and prebiotics supports healthy immune function. Including protection from viruses.

Adequate fiber intake promotes greater and better sleep.

The best way to upgrade fiber intake is to eat more whole foods, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, pulses, beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas, nuts and seeds.

Swap sugary cereals with oats. Replace white rice with brown rice. Replace fiberless meats with beans or lentils. Exchange traditional pasta with lentil pasta.

In short words, replace unhealthy eating habits and products with healthy and fiber rich things.

Not Eating Enough Green Vegetables – Not Eating Enough Green Veggies

Green vegetables can be especially helpful for immunity. These plants provide key nutrients known to help with immune function, including vitamins A and C, plus folate.

Greens also offer bioactive compounds, which release a chemical signal that optimizes immunity in the gut.

For maximum benefits, include at least three cups per week of green vegetables that include collards, broccoli, bok choy, cabbage and Brussels sprouts either raw, such as kale salad, vinegar slaw and fresh broccoli florets with dip. Or Steamed, Sautéed, Oven Roasted and Stir Fried.


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