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Mandy Kloppers

Aromatherapy for positive mental wellbeing

I have recently tried an amazing new product (I have not been paid for this endorsement) and wanted to share this clever little find. A company called Scentered produce these wonderful scents that are easy to use and easy to transport. They come in a balm and can be applied to your pulse points. Inhaling the wonderful aromas does amazing things to the senses. Aromatherapy is the use of organic compounds to improve your mood, mental state, or health.

There are six unique blends: SLEEP WELL, DE-STRESS, FOCUS, HAPPY, ESCAPE and LOVE.

I tried two:

Focus Therapy balm and Sleep Well Therapy balm.

Focus Therapy Balm Click here for more info

This balm is made with rosemary, mint and clary sage. The smell is divine and it does seem to perk me up mentally. I am not quite sure how it works but I recommed it. All you do is apply it to your pulse points and inhale deeply. Simple. Aromatherapy can stimulate various parts of the brain and produce positive changes in oxytocin levels. This is a feel good hormone that is longer lasting than the quick fix dopamine provides.

Sleep Well Therapy Balm Click here for more info

This balm consists of Palmarosa, Lavender and Ylang Ylang. Again, this one seems to do what it promises. It relaxes me and helps me to destress. I also love how easy it is to apply and I keep both in my handbag.

These balms are 100% natural.

Here is an excerpt from their website:

Scentered® is a mindfulness lifestyle brand that has created a unique Wellbeing Ritual, teaching people how to use the power or our sense of smell as a tool to direct our thoughts, emotions and actions to live happier lives.

Our line of 100% natural, essential oil-based Aromatherapy BalmsCandles, Hair Care and Body Care products provide portable solutions to support mindful transitions through life’s everyday journey. Scentered is positioned at the intersection of Wellness, Mindfulness and (Inner) Beauty.

Scentered’s plant-based aromatherapy products are uniquely blended from the finest ingredients sourced around the world to deliver need-based solutions. When applied to your pulse points, the balms provide an instant, personal sensory experience, whilst our candles create a shared sensory experience through ambience and mood-setting. Our eco-conscious values ensure we minimise our carbon footprint while maximising the Creative Reusability of our packaging.

Our six unique, award-winning blends provide purposeful solutions to the most commonly desired emotional states like SLEEP WELL, DE-STRESS, FOCUS, HAPPY, ESCAPE and LOVE. We encourage you to Stop. Inhale. Reset.

I think their products are excellent and will definitely be using them in the future!

Mandy X