Mandy Kloppers

Are you dating a con artist?


Despite the fact that we are all unique, there are clear and common signs when a con artist is working towards his agenda in a relationship.

The relationship moves very quickly

Moving in fast? If it seems too perfect – be very wary! It can be very flattering to meet someone who can’t seem to get enough of you but be wary as this isn’t natural healthy behaviour. Anything excessive usually has a toxic reason behind it. Are you receiving constant compliments? This is often a strategy employed by con artitsts to draw you in. Trust me on this – I have personally experienced this and I have witnessed it countless times when counselling clients. Don’t allow yourself to be rushed. If it’s right, it will naturally unfold over time.

Delayed promises

Con artists often promise you the world but always in the future and these promises very rarely materialise. They live day to day and are often arrogant enough to think they can dupe anyone and talk their way out of anything.

Constant lies

They lie about their education, finances, family etc They are clever at this and, believable.Do your research and keep your wits about you. Again – if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Sorry to be so cynical but I am just being realistic. Of course, I am generalising too but I am working with averages here. Trust your gut instincts…

When your emotional brain and your logical brain are in conflict – beware! Our emotional brain desperately wants to believe in the good in this person but our logical brain is telling us we aren’t being treated well – if this is happening to you: take note! The longer you remain emotionally invested the harder it is to get out.

Con artists bank on the fact that they are charming, good fun and often the life and soul of the party. But this bravado often hides a truly weak and insecure individual. Dating a con artist is exactly the same as staying on a sinking ship. Ultimately it will end badly. If you notice the above signs, be very careful and use your logic! Let your brain guide you, not your heart.

Mandy X