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Are you bored and disillusioned?



Are you bored and disillusioned?

It seems a growing trend. Swathes of people who feel bored and disillusioned in life. I meet them every day and I am not immune to feeling this way at times. Life can have a tinge of monotony to it, a bit like Groundhog Day. This is especially true since Covid emerged and we have endured several lockdowns.

There is a sense that you are getting up in the morning to repeat the same actions and routine as many many days previously. This underlying boredom is the reason why people look for escapes, such as drugs, secret sexual liaisons and why addictive behaviour is rife. We expect more from life now, we are exposed to what others have on a greater scale and we see the highlights of other people’s lives in the media.

Social media creates a feeling that we are missing out

This gives us an unrealistic view of how others live their lives. It makes us believe that we are missing out somehow and the growing restlessness continues. A friend of mine went on a round-the-world trip in 2012 and he told me that the one thing that surprised him the most was just how mundane many people’s lives were. Despite all the excitement paraded on Facebook, the reality was vastly different. From Bangkok to Los Angeles, being bored and disillusioned is not geographically specific.

So what’s going on and what can we do to feel engaged in life again?

In my opinion,the more Governments try to control our civil liberties, the more powerless we begin to feel. Slowly but surely our personal freedom is being eroded. It is subtle and many may not notice but it is insidious in its progress. There are ways to counteract boredom. If you feel bored and disillusioned, this is a sign to you that you need to take action. Get out in the world and explore. Leave your comfort zone.

Ways to feel more engaged in life

1) Help out in the community – make a difference.

2) Watch the news on TV less.

3) Ensure that you have some activities that bring you positive energy – whether that’s a yoga class, painting or going for walks in nature. It’s important to feel that life offers something positive.

4) Always have something to look forward to.

5) Focus on things that you do have control over rather than constantly focusing on how powerless you feel.

6) Have a “can do” attitude and look for possibilities rather than reasons why something cannot happen.

7) Shake your routine up a little. Try something new. Instead of doing the same thing at the same time, try doing it at another time. Even something as small as changing the direction of your shopping routine in the supermarket aisles  can make a difference. We tend to do things the same way without realising it or being aware. You will probably notice that you see more new products than before doing this.

The quickest and easiest way to feel engaged is to connect with others. Sharing experiences and feeling that others ‘get you’ and share your experiences is one of the most engaging experiences we can have. Take action, if you think it…do it.

Mandy X

Photo by Julie Edgley

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