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Are you a misfit?

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Are you a misfit?

What exactly makes a misfit? When I speak to most people, they tell me that they feel like a misfit. They may conform on the outside but they confirm that they often feel they are very different to other people in the way they think and view the world.

So, what is a misfit? Dressing differently? Acting in an unconventional way, being a non-conformist or a rebel? Or is a misfit the reclusive ‘curtain-twitcher’ a few doors down? Definitions of misfits aside, it is interesting to note how despite all being similar, with the same methods to sense the world around us, we can all have vastly differing experiences of life. Even twins brought up in similar environments will notice sightly different aspects of the same painting or image. Our prior experiences and our interests and priorities filter what we find interesting and therefore, what we tend to notice.

From listening to many clients and drawing on my own personal experiences, I would venture the theory that we are all misfits in one way or another. It is society that wants us to give up the misfit identity and merge with the common consensus, being a misfit is a very good quality.

Characteristics of misfits

Misfits tend to be critical thinkers, they make their own minds up. They are wary of the messages the media sends them and try to figure things out for themselves rather than living life according the opinions of others. They also aren’t too bothered about being popular and fitting in. These are the wise ones. They prioritise their life goals ahead of keeping everyone else appeased.

People who feel that they don’t fit in see it as an embarrassment. They loathe the idea that they feel as if they are on the outside looking in. My advice to them is to change their attitude to how they define the term “misfit”. I have never felt as if I fit in, it used to bother me but these days I celebrate my differences. Yes, I know it’s cliched but when we all feel a bit of an oddball underneath, it means we are all misfits, feeling alone as misfits. Embrace the parts of you that distinguish you from others and set you apart.

The world needs misfits, so if you feel you are a misfit, be proud and keep up the good work!

Mandy X


Photo by Nina Matthews Photography

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