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Mandy Kloppers

Are single people happy because they are free? 

If you’re single, how do you feel about it? Perhaps you always have a sense you’re missing out on something, especially when you see friends in relationships doing ‘couple’ things, whether that’s going on holiday or enjoying a night out. On the other hand, you might regard a relatively solitary existence as something to be treasured. What could be better than being your own boss, free to do whatever you get the urge to do, especially being unshackled by monogamy? 

So, if you have a favorite singles dating site but are still at the stage of searching for an ideal partner, what happens when you do meet someone special? Will you be prepared to give up your freedom, or will you stick to no-strings-attached encounters? Perhaps it would be worth taking a step back and considering exactly how happy single people can feel. 


You can follow your dreams 

Most of us have what could be referred to as our dreams – aspirations or goals which can take a variety of forms. One thing which people often have to sacrifice once they become involved in the relationship is the sense of yarning for a particular ambition. Other aspects of life can get in the way, such as financial commitments or families. But when you are single you are far freer to pursue these yearnings, unhindered by other obligations. 


You can commit to your vocation 

When you are single you have the ability to devote yourself to aspects of your professional life to a far greater extent, especially where work is concerned. When you are part of a partnership you are constantly having to consider someone else in your plans or arrangements. But when you are single you can be single-minded in your determination get involved in work projects, perhaps involving a lot of training time or working away from home in different locations. 


You can integrate into social situations 

As a single person, you have much more flexibility when it comes to integrating in social situations. A lot of get-togethers are designed for couples, but many more are aimed at a much wider invitation pool. When you are single you can accept all those invites addressed to yourself and your plus one. 


You are free to do voluntary work 

As a free agent, you can get involved in whatever you feel like, without having to defer your decision so it fits around someone else’s timetable. If you have always hankered after getting involved in charity work, you can choose to commit as many hours as you wish. 


A flexible social circle 

 When you are part of a relationship, you are sometimes faced with a rigid social calendar. On your own, you are free to get involved in a variety of situations where you would be constrained if you always had to be considering bringing your partner along.

Mandy X