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Apps Highly Recommendable to College Students

Many apps have been designed and developed to enable students to study well and balance classwork and social life. Identifying a relevant app is essential because there are thousands of apps to choose from, and even if you could download all of them, the chances of using all of them are close to impossible. Google Play Store and apps such as iTunes have these apps that any student needs to choose from to access study materials and develop their skills while maintaining a happy social life in college. ThesisHelpers aims to educate you on the best apps for a college student to at least use two for a better and rich learning experience.

You will need to download the app you have figured out to meet your learning needs best and have an exciting college experience. Some of the highly recommendable apps are;

  1. Quizlet

Quizlet is one of the leading educational platforms that use flashcards and study sets. You can easily practice and master concepts taught in class by generating your own study sets or, rather, flashcards depending on which is most suitable to you. You can efficiently study science, vocabulary, and language more comfortably. Some of the features in the app include;

  • Game of Match
  • Material pronunciation using 18 languages
  • Write feature to test memory
  • Custom audio and images
  • Learn to prepare yourself for tests


2. TED

TED is the must-have application for any college student designed to enhance creativity and mind exploration. The many TED talks given by experts and recognizable persons across various subjects provide a knowledge mining ground for any college student. The app aims to inspire you and create curiosity that leads to greater exploration. Some of the features of the app are;

  • Bookmark talks that you can use during your leisure time
  • Video downloading capability for offline viewing
  • TED Talks video library in 100+ languages
  • Custom playlist capability fitting user’s timeframe


3. Pocket: Save. Read. Grow

The pocket app provides a platform to download and save various materials on numerous topics from different devices or platforms. It also includes room for maintaining your list of areas of interest.  The display in the app promotes a relaxing learning experience. Some of the features of the app are;

  • Comfortable typography and layout for reading
  • Listen features turning material into providing hands-free experience in learning.
  • The dark and sepia themes
  • Advanced search features for premium versions


4. WolframAlpha

Wolfram Alpha app will provide you with immediate expert knowledge that enables a more brilliant learning experience. It contains data and algorithms that allow computation of phenomenon and data and generates reports. Its features are;

  • Wolfram’s computational systems highly intelligent
  • Homework help to complete your tasks on time
  • Running calculator
  • Trivia answers


5. Trello

Trello app incorporates comprehensive visual systems and tools that enable you to organize projects and your assignment efficiently.  It reduces your workload using the customized list, cards, and simple boards. Its features are;

  • Add Checklists, labels, and due dates for projects
  • Informative notifications of updates or completion of tasks
  • Power-ups of due dates providing a new perspective


6. Google Docs

Google Docs is a convenient app that enables you to create, carry out edits or collaborate different documents at a go. It is best if you are doing group work and there is a need for all your group members and you to share whatever part of the projects you have done. Some of the features of the app are;

  • Explore in Docs allow you to undertake research
  • Ease in creation or editing of a file
  • Automatic saving of whatever is written
  • Easily responding to comments


7. LinkedIn

The LinkedIn app lets you know what jobs are in demand and create a social network before leaving college. You can familiarise yourself with business news and follow companies and people aligned to your career path as you widen your network. LinkedIn learning can also develop your skills further through the course offerings and certificates on completion. Some of the features of the app are;

  • A comprehensive social network of professional
  • Easy connection to professionals, top job recruiters, and firms
  • Articles and post sharing options


8. School Planner

School Planner app allows you to use your time efficiently by planning your tasks and organizing yourself. You can easily manage events and your activities in an easy, fast, and straightforward way. It’s that app with a very modern design that originated from design from Google’s Material. Some of its features are;

  • Notifications for exams and assignments and Reminders
  • Built-in calendar enabling you to coordinate your schedules
  • Lecture recording
  • Back up of any of your data done on the Google Drive

These are the best apps that are highly recommendable to every college student.  To enhance your experience, if these apps are not enough for you, look at others such as Forest, Studyblue, and My Study Life.  Your college life can be easy and organized, providing you with a better learning experience. You can develop your skills and enhance your knowledge past the one provided in class by your professor.


Photo by Rob Hampson on Unsplash

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