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Mandy Kloppers

angel numbers: why am i seeing them?

It all starts when you’re seeing 11:11 on your smartphone. Then you’re noticing 111 on someone’s license plate. Then you suddenly realize your lunch costs $11.11. Those recurrent digits are called angel numbers. According to numerologists, their nature is far from coincidental. Are you wondering about the spiritual meaning of angel number occurrences? We’ve got you covered. In this piece, we’ll provide answers to all your ‘whys’ and cover the extra significance behind these ‘magic numbers’. 


Before we proceed, here’s a quick overview of the main reasons why you may be seeing these meaningful numeric patterns:


  • the divine urges you to follow its guidance;
  • you’re undergoing spiritual enlightenment;
  • you’re exactly where you need to be;
  • God has your back;
  • you are ready for new beginnings in your life.

1. It’s a Soft Nudge From the Above

Seeing these ‘magic numbers’ (and noticing them!) could be aimed at stimulating you to finally begin reading the signs you are being shown. Want to understand these messages from the above correctly and act accordingly? Delve deep into numerology and angel number interpretations. It will aid you in building rapport with the divine and getting the gist of what’s currently important along the way. Furthermore, if you invest time in learning how to read these signs from the universe, you are guaranteed to feel relief and clarity on your life’s path.

2. You’re Experiencing Enlightenment

Angel numbers signify that you’re tapping into your sixth sense and starting to experience spiritual enlightenment. Therefore, you are ready to explore and embrace the messages sent to you by the universe. Now’s the best time to start working on deciphering the ‘magic digits’ you’re dealing with on a regular basis. The more you learn on the topic, the higher your quality of life is.

3. You’re Doing It All Right

Another reason why you’re seeing these meaningful numeric sequences is you’re on the right life path. The divine’s plan for your life is unfolding in the best way possible. At this point, you may feel the opposite or simply fail to see the full picture of this plan, but over time, as you go into numerology, you may start seeing through what the universe has to say to you. 

4. You Are Under God’s Protection

The presence of angel numbers in your life also indicates that your guardian angel looks after you. When you start reading these numeric signs, you may actually start feeling that you’re under powerful protection. So, whether you’re currently feeling down or have to deal with obstacles either at work or in your personal life, remember one thing: everything is going to be okay soon. Your spiritual protector has your back.

5. Your Life Is About to Change

Another reason why you’re noticing these meaningful non-coincidental digits is that the universe is preparing you for something new in your life. You may be about to find a new job, a new lover, or a new friend. As a matter of fact, the journey of life is cyclical. It begins, grows, then it fades, decays, and starts anew. Something very similar happens as you tread your way through life. 

Noticing Numeric Patterns: Is It Good or Bad?

In general, the answer to this question is a definite ‘Yes’. Seeing these ‘magic’ numeric groups and repetitive patterns shapes your connection with your spiritual self. Others are unaware, but not you! You’re ready to embrace the power of numerology and clearly see the writing on the wall. Therefore, with this level of self-awareness, you are bound to succeed in listening to your gut and making the best decisions along the way. With that said, spotting these numeric patterns is a life-changing chance granted to you from above. Grab it by the tail and make the most of it! 

Bottom Line: Pay Moderate Attention 

Angel numbers represent divine guidance, so paying moderate attention to them is paramount. Getting excessively concentrated on them is unnecessary, though, for it may be a sign of obsession. Let the fluid nature of this occurrence get you by surprise and treat it as random, meaningful randomness that nudges you to explore and welcome what the universe has in store for you. Lean into gratitude and be proactive as you read through these signs. Have anything to add on the topic? Start the discussion in the comments below and share your opinion on the topic with your fellow-readers. We appreciate your point of view greatly.

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