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Amazing birds at the Hawk Conservancy Trust


If you are interested in wildlife and learning about nature, you will love the Hawk Conservancy Trust website. It features loads of videos of their birds. You can see Simba the vulture, Kites, Hawks and many other birds of prey.

The Hawk Conservancy is an amazing place to visit as they offer workshops, displays, and many more interesting and varied events.

Hawk Conservancy Online Workshops

The hawk Conservancy is offering virtual classrooms online for schools. here is an excerpt form their website:

“The past year has brought challenges to many of us and none more than teachers and staff in schools. We want to offer your school an opportunity which might help you. Why not let us lead a classroom session? Children have missed school visits and external learning over the last year. We want to offer the chance to bring some of those experiences and learning into the virtual classroom for children during these difficult times.

We are offering to hold 45-minute, fun, interactive and educational sessions led by an inspirational and knowledgeable member of our team, for just £50 per session.”

Bird of prey conservation projects at the Hawk Conservancy Trust

Conservation and research work takes place at the Hawk Conservancy Trust visitor centre and works with a number of key aims:

  • To develop and implement novel methods of husbandry and welfare improvement for birds at the Trust.
  • To research how birds of prey fly and move and to utilise results to implement solutions in the areas of animal welfare, conservation and industry.
  • To maximise the conservation value of the Trust in terms of the living collection and site biodiversity.

Behavioural enrichment

Project aim: Develop effective methods of behavioural enrichment and welfare improvement in raptors

The development of new techniques to improve captive animal husbandry has increased during the last two decades. A large part of these improvements have focused on methods of behavioural enrichment, which is defined as providing enclosures and settings that promote natural behaviour in animals. Birds of prey have had relatively little attention in this area. This project uses multiple researchers to test various ideas and new methods and record how the birds at the Trust react. Numerous undergraduate and post-graduate studies have been completed at the Trust and many of the findings are now used on a day-to-day basis by the keepers.

Energetics, flight dynamics and accelerometry

Project aim: Assess energy expenditure and flight mechanics using accelerometry data loggers and other methods

The study of flight has fascinated humans for millennia. With new technological innovations, the means by which flight and bird locomotion in general can be studied has increased dramatically. From Harris’s Hawks to Secretary Birds, the Trust collaborates with partners from several universities and colleges to investigate bird movement using small data loggers that are temporarily attached to the birds. Much of this research demonstrates the underlying theoretical basis for field studies (such as migration or hunting behaviour) and can also help improve practical methods.

The Hawk Conservancy You Tube Channel: CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE VIDEOS

Adopt a bird of prey

This is the perfect gift for all bird lovers. Whether it is the cute owls, majestic eagles or fascinating vultures that have caught your attention, you can adopt one of them. It costs from just £55 to adopt one of our birds. Your fees, which are renewable annually, directly contribute to the care of your chosen adoptee.

In return for adopting one of our fantastic birds, you will receive:

  • An admission ticket to the Trust so that you can visit us and see your adoptee
  • Your name displayed on our Adoptions board
  • A certificate of adoption
  • A fact sheet about your adopted species
  • A mounted photo of your adoptee
  • A memento of your adopted species

Who would you like to pick? You can choose between a barn owl called Charlie, a snowy owl called Sweeney Todd, a bald eagle called Danebury or a Peregrine falcon called Raj  CLICK HERE

I am looking forward to a visit to the Hawk Conservancy in the near future!


Mandy X