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Mandy Kloppers

Am I going off track?

Many people don’t realise when they are going ‘off track’. Only after a lengthy period of time, once depression and/or unhelpful behaviours set in, do people start to notice that they are struggling emotionally.

Going ‘off track’ means that you are not coping with life as well as you could be.

Signs you might be going off track:

Sleeping too much or too little

Over eating/comfort eating


Avoiding people/situations

Road rage, being more tetchy and sensitive than usual. Short fuse.

Making more mistakes than usual

Feeling down/disillusioned

Inability to focus or concentrate

Increased self doubt and negative thinking

Addictive behaviour – spending too much, drinking too much/using drugs/gambling etc

All of the above are signs that you are going off track and they usually emerge when we aren’t dealing with life effectively. We may have issues that we are avoiding or denying, such as an unhappy relationship, an unfulfilling job or some other tricky situation that we are not dealing with in a solution focused manner.

The longer we try to avoid problems, the more they begin to affect us emotionally and psychologically.

What to do to get back on track:

Take some time out and look at the different areas of your life:

Personal relationships, fun/leisure time, work, activities that inspire you, etc

Are there areas in your life that you could improve? Of course, we can all improve our lives in many ways but your focus should be on areas that are seriously causing you unhappiness or anxiety.

Take a problem solving approach. Have a brain storming session and come up with as many ideas that might help (even outrageous ideas can be included initially).

Tackle one area at a time so that you don’t feel too overwhlemed by your troubles.

You may have stages where you feel low and feel that your situation is hopeless but remember that is just a feeling and it will pass. Change in life is inevitable and the current circumstances will change – it’s the natural cycle of life.

Make small changes every day, even as small as sleeping one hour less per day or tackling one small task you have been avoiding each day. These small tasks will add uo and help you to feel more confident and back in control.

We all have down days, that is part of life. Proceed as if success is inevitable.

Mandy X

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