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Almost Two-Thirds of Brits Struggle to Disconnect From Tech Devices on Holiday

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With the New Year fully underway, and the January Blues kicking in, many Brits will already be looking for the best deals to secure that all important holiday for summer.

But while relaxing by a pool or on a beach with a good book in hand often springs to mind when it comes to a summer getaway, almost two thirds of Brits (60%), struggle to go travelling without any tech devices at all – that’s according to a new study commissioned by UK travel insurance company Staysure.

The study that surveyed 2,000 people living in the UK confirmed that for most Brits having some kind of tech while on holiday was a necessity, with nearly two thirds (60%) admitting that they’d struggle to go on holiday without it.

Most people spoken too, agreed that they could not travel without their mobile phone (88%), an answer that was more common among women (51%) than men (48%).

For some, entertainment on holiday came in the form of a games console, with 63% of men and 36% of women admitting that they can’t go on holiday without packing it. This may be because many pack games consoles in order to stay entertained during long journeys.When asked how travelling with tech made Brits feel, over two-fifths (45%) said that it made them feel connected with others, while almost a further three in ten (29%) said that it made them feel reassured, so perhaps it’s quite understandable to see why many holiday makers would struggle to go on holiday without gadgets.


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