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Mandy Kloppers

Afraid to love


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afriad to love

Afraid to love

We start out life as a blank slate, we have so much to learn and we are probably at our most neutral and objective. Then life experiences begin to imprint upon us and we learn good and bad, painful lessons as we grow and develop. Some of end up afraid to love.

Everyone I have ever met has had some type of failed relationship, and for many this has left them afraid to love again. Heartbreak is awful and it can be one of the most painful experiences that we have to go through. It’s no wonder that we become afraid to love and put up emotional barriers.

The trick to being successful in love is to learn the valuable lessons but not to dwell too much on negative past experiences. Keeping hope alive and believing that you can find a happy and healthy love in your life improves your chances of finding it. Our beliefs shape our lives far more than we realise. If we think something isn’t possible for us, we may discount any opportunities or not even be able to make the most of them as we don’t recognize it when they present themselves.

As the famous Mark Twain saying goes “love like you’ve never been hurt”. Sometimes we need to make ourselves and vulnerable and risk revealing our true feelings on order to open the door to a more meaningful connection with someone. If your behaviour is more avoidant than ‘approach’, keep in mind that you may be sending signals to others to not get close even when you actually want the exact opposite.

Take a risk, be vulnerable and let others in and you may be extremely well rewarded for your efforts.

Mandy X