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Advice For New Moms: Things To Know

When you’re a new mom, you may be visiting the internet as you look for first-time tips and any advice that can help you. After all, you may not get a person who will teach you how to be a mother. Instead, it can be considered one of the things you will learn as time passes.

When you think of becoming a first-time mum, it can be scary and a happy moment in life. You may be excited to welcome your newborn and get nervous that you may not know the right thing to do, and that’s okay. However, if you need some assurance, the following tips can help you as a new mom.

Make Some Financial Considerations

When making financial considerations, you need to look at the amount you pull in as the breadwinner of your house or if you and your spouse are sharing the house expenses. Also, you need to consider if you can save money or invest and if you will be able to pick up some extra hours at your workplace. Also, you should consider if you have some babysitting infrastructure like a childcare center where you can take your baby and if you can afford to feed your child.

If you’re in a position of answering the above questions, then you’re good to go.

But, when pregnant, you need to figure out financial data as you can opt for some financial assistance programs in case things are not good on your side. For example, the food bank can help, and food stamps can be in order. In short, you need to make enough money that will help cover the expenses before birth.

Allow Others To Help You

Asking for help is one thing, and accepting it is different, especially when someone is offering it. It’s okay to know that not everyone can do things the way you always do. For example, you may find someone that may not clean your home the way you always do, but the good thing is at the end of the day, it will be clean. 

It would help if you allowed other people to help you in the way they think as best as this will help in taking a burden off your hand. If you’re in a position of hiring someone to help you, then consider it as this can be from meal deliveries and laundry services. So, it’s essential to allow others to help you. 

Breastfeeding Isn’t Always An Easy Task

Breastfeeding can be natural, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s an easy thing you can do. You may be expecting breastfeeding to become your second nature as a new mom. However, having breastfeeding pressure can make you feel guilty in cases where you can’t breastfeed.

Breastfeeding can be different for everyone, which is okay since different variables are seen in the breastfeeding journey, which may cause some roadblocks and some stress along the way. 

For example, sometimes, your baby may not latch well, and you may be in a position where you don’t provide enough milk, or your milk may not come in the first few days. Try the lactation protein powder from Majka to boost your milk supply.

Also, breastfeeding may be painful. Besides, if everything starts going smoothly, you need to know there is a learning curve as everything is normal and takes time. So it would help if you did not give up at any given time.

Use Your Support Network

It can be best if you consider focusing inward while preparing for childbirth, as you may feel tired after you’ve had a long day until you’re not able to socialize. However, you should not forgo your friend’s company entirely. 

Your friends and family can act as a source of nurturing support before and after the baby comes. You can consider going for a weekend brunch or having a movie afternoon. Consider maintaining a good relationship and make sure you accept and ask for help.

Go Small With Big Changes

You may want some transitions with your child to go smoothly, like moving from crib to bed. It can get overwhelming for your kid as you should let your child play with the things around, and you can also sing for your child in the new bed. However, once your child gets used to the new sensory experience, it’s easy to make the switch official.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ignore Advice

When you’re a new mom, people may give you different advice, which you may not take sometimes. You can opt to listen to the perspective and experiences of other people because it can help in forming your own opinions.

Be Kind and Patient with Yourself 

You may be busy raising your little one, but you need to ensure you also are looking after yourself. It’s common to have postnatal depression, and you should be aware of the signs if it impacts you.

Set Bedtime Rituals For Your Baby

Consider letting things happen organically and naturally as there is also a free-range concept for parenting where you let everything go with the flow. However, your baby’s sleep time needs to be consistent and in case you get it down, you can thank yourself later.

Also, you may decide to commit to a schedule, then focus on it since this can help your baby learn ways of expecting things to happen. For example, suppose your baby experiences difficulty sleeping even after a routine schedule. Then, you can try a few cooling down activities before bedtime, massage, bathtime, and some soft lullaby songs. 

Let The Baby Sleep In Your Room

This can be done by keeping your baby in a bassinet in your room as this may offer some conveniences when breastfeeding at night. However, you may wonder about the right time to move your baby to a different room, depending on different things. For example, you may consider after eight weeks or before that. However, the baby can be too young as it will be hard to know the difference.

You can also opt to move your baby after six weeks, as this depends on what works for you. Also, in cases where your house doesn’t have a good layout, for instance, when you have to go downstairs and upstairs to feed your child, you can sleep in the same room because you may have a hard time moving around.

Be Okay With Things Not Being Perfect 

As a parent, you may find yourself pivoting as early as the labour and delivery days. It would be best if you were okay with pivoting. It would help if you did not commit to the way things are done until you start forgetting the bigger picture. It’s okay to roll with punches as a new mom because everything may not go as planned, and that’s okay.

Manage Relationship Stress

The pregnancy and parenthood changes can stress you as you genuinely sort out the new life and the new roles. You need to be patient with yourself and with your spouse. You can start by spending time together while having honest conversations about your fears and hopes. Also, learn to accept inevitable differences in temperament and priorities that may be evident while preparing for parenting.

Also, you can give yourself some time-outs. In cases where you’re feeling angry, then you will be less likely to respond to your child in a good way. You can take a brief break as it may help. 

Don’t Try to Be the Perfect Mother

Already being a mom can be considered the most challenging title you can hold as it can also be rewarding. You should not fight for perfection as you can trust your instincts and avoid judging yourself, primarily through social media. If you fail, you should not get discouraged, as you should also not be so hard on yourself. If you fall, get back up and try doing a different thing.

Find Your Tribe

You can find your tribe through connecting with different women that understand the things you’re going through. You should not think you have to get it alone because you can meet many supportive women that can help you. 

Postpartum Blues 

It’s normal to have some postpartum baby blues. It can be like snapping at your partner because of the slightest things. Also, it can make you feel you’re not bonding with your baby the way you thought you could. 

If you’re a soon-to-be mom, you should know there are possibilities of experiencing some anxiety symptoms and depression after you give birth, but you may not be aware of how common it can be. Having baby blues can start a few days after you deliver and the last couple of weeks.

Do What Works 

You may read something in a book that says read this or that. But you should not feel pressured in making it happen the exact way. You know your baby and your motherly instinct can be powerful. So, you can feel confident if you don’t do some things and do what works for you and your baby.

Have Enough Sleep

Have enough sleep and allow other people to help you. For example, if a person offers to get you food or watch after your baby so that you can sleep, there is a likelihood they have been in your shoes, and you should not refuse help.


Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels


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