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Adopting Your First Family Dog? Here’s What You Need To Know

You love scrolling through hundreds of #AdoptDontShop posts, your kids love watching dog videos, and now you are thinking about adopting one. Giving a rescued dog a new, forever home means dearly to a pooch. If you have been looking at dogs in animal shelters and rescue organizations for a while now, chances are you are stuck in a rut—not knowing which dog fits your personality and lifestyle. We get it—dogs are insanely cute, and you can fall in love with anyone in an instant. But if there’s one thing you should keep in mind, adopting should be anything but stressful!

Now, get ready for a lot of love, play, and bumps along the way. In this article, we will run you through the dos and don’ts of adopting a dog. If you are ready to plunge into the exciting life of a fur parent, take a look at the guidelines below:        


Before you bring a dog home

Although adopting is cheaper than buying a dog, keep in mind that additional costs come along with taking care of a dog. Necessities such as treats, clinic visits, shots, food, and toys should be provided.

On top of these necessities, you need to commit daily time and attention to your pet. To make sure your pet matches your lifestyle, do extensive research about different dog breeds. For instance, small dog breeds are best suited for families or someone living in a small apartment. On the other hand, big dogs best match those who have an active lifestyle and those who sport a spacious backyard.

A dog’s temperament also varies from breed to breed. Think about if you want a dog that loves to play with little kids or a hyperactive dog to match an adult’s athletic lifestyle. If there are small kids in your family, you may want to opt for a dog that has a gentle, playful disposition. If you want extra security at home, choose a dog that’s constantly alert and protective. And if you live an active lifestyle, you may opt for a herding dog to accompany you during exercises.


Dog-proofing your home

Before you bring your new family member at home, make sure to dog-proof the area where your dog will spend most of his time. Remove all hazardous and dangerous items around the house, including toxic plants, pesticides, sharp objects, power cords, and other important stuff.


Welcoming your dog at home

Now that your dog is in his new home, give him time and space to get used to the new environment. Slowly introduce family members to the pup, making sure he won’t be overwhelmed. Here are some dog accessories that will help your pup become more comfortable in his new home:

  • A bedding and an extra blanket to keep himself warm during the cold weather
  • Chewable toys that can withstand your pup’s mischievous bites to keep him preoccupied
  • Food and water bowls. Opt for the metal ones if you are wary about your dog chewing stuff
  • A crate, just in case your pup causes disarray in the environment.

These are some reminders you should keep in mind before adopting a pup! Here are more detailed pup adoption guidelines to have a safe and easy adoption experience.


Author bio

Mike Powell is a dog enthusiast and writer from Los Angeles, California in the United States. He manages Dog Embassy, a website that aims to provide dog parents relevant information about dogs.


Photo by Alicia Jones on Unsplash