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A Short Guide to the Rosin Press

The use of both medical and recreational cannabis has become legalized in many places all over the world. In fact, 21 states in the US, including Washington, DC, have legalized the recreational use of cannabis. In comparison, medicinal marijuana is now legal in 37 states. Moreover, products made with CBD are permitted in 11 states. With the use of cannabis on the rise, the popularity of cannabis equipment, such as the rosin press, is increasing too. Here is a short guide to the rosin press to help you understand what it actually is, the different types of presses, and why people use them.

What is a Rosin Press?

A rosin press is a gadget that uses immense pressure and heat to crush dry herbs into rosin. A basic rosin press is made up of two heated plates in which you place the dry herb. The machine will then compress the herb to create solvent-free cannabis concentrates. Rosin is the name of the cannabis extract that’s created. It is one of the many concentrated cannabis products on the market. Other types of cannabis concentrates include shatter, wax, and hash.

Why Do People Buy Rosin Presses?

The entire purpose of a rosin press is to create your own cannabis concentrates. This substance is pure and strong as it is extracted directly from dry herbs. Dry herbs can contain around 25 percent of THC, while solvent-free cannabis concentrates can produce THC levels between 39 to 60 percent. Furthermore, people who frequently enjoy dry herbs might prefer to own their own rosin press if they don’t want to constantly buy cannabis concentrates from a third party.

Types of Presses

There are different types of ways to create cannabis concentrates. Two popular ways include using a hydraulic rosin press or a pneumatic rosin press. Nectar Rosin Press have an array of presses on offer on their website. Their selection includes machines that are suitable for pressing small, medium, and large amounts of dry herb in one go. Alternatively, you can use household appliances to create a homemade press.


A hydraulic press creates pressure using hot liquid. Hydraulic rosin presses can be operated using an electric pump, or by hand, or by foot. These machines are typically compact, which makes them suitable for personal use.


A pneumatic press creates pressure using air or gas, requiring an air compressor to press rosin. These machines are usually larger and more expensive than hydraulic rosin presses. However, they are often quicker and boast a higher yield. They are also more durable.


To create cannabis concentrates, you simply need two hot plates, pressure, and a heat source. Using appliances that are commonly found at home and a bit of imagination, you can make your own homemade rosin press. The DIY approach is the most cost-effective way to create concentrated cannabis; however, the yield is lower than both a hydraulic and pneumatic machine. Furthermore, it can take a bit of trial and error to achieve the right temperature and pressure. This means that beginners could waste a lot of product during the pressing process.