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Mandy Kloppers

A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Your Child for Braces

Dental braces are one orthodontic option to repair or fix problems like crooked or crowding teeth, or misaligned teeth. Many individuals prefer using braces for different reasons, but the primary purpose should be to keep the teeth in proper alignment. A general dentist can do the procedure, but an orthodontist is the one who specializes in the job.

Some wear braces for aesthetic purposes, while others are intimidated to have them. Such orthodontic treatment requires adjustments, particularly about the food to eat. If it is the first time your child gets braces, most likely a lot of questions will arise. As parents, help them by explaining everything about the procedure with the help of an orthodontist.

Here are some tips that can help parents prepare their kids to get braces or Invisalign.

Discuss Orthodontic Treatment Options With Them

To ease the concern of your child about getting braces, you must learn everything about it together. Orthodontic treatment is overwhelming not only for the kids but also for the parents. Consulting an orthodontist is the best thing to do, but the time may not be enough for your child to absorb everything. Thus, you can research how the procedure is done. As much as possible, explain clearly to your child whatever the question is. Watch videos about the procedure.

Let Them Know What’s Expected of Them

The biggest worry about getting braces is if it will hurt. Explain that it would be uncomfortable at first. But as soon as he gets used to it, everything would be fine. While explaining the process, tell your child the first session would last an hour. Make sure your kid can withstand sitting for a long hour in the dental chair. Every six weeks the wires need to be tightened. The orthodontist will give pain-relief options if necessary.

While wearing the braces, it is essential to give them proper care. It will help to prevent different issues like periodontal disease, cavities, and tooth stains. Thus, your child must brush his teeth every day. Giving proper care will lead to a wonderful smile. If the child plays a sport, let him wear a mouthguard.

Let Them Know They’re Not Alone

Your child may think having braces would make him different from others. Thus, it is essential to let him know he’s not alone. Explain that most teens are resorting to orthodontic treatments for different reasons. Let your child know dental braces are common not only for ordinary people but also for celebrities.

Plan Ahead for Discomfort

Aside from the eating habit adjustments, it is also essential for your child to get used to how it feels to have braces. Like other orthodontic treatments, the braces can cause discomfort and even irritations on the lips and inside the mouth. As parents, plan ahead for discomfort by storing child-safe medications. You must be proactive in managing discomfort so that your child would have a positive experience wearing the braces.


Have a lot of orthodontic wax close by

At first, the sections of the braces may cause injuries inside the mouth. The best thing to do is to have on-hand dental wax or braces wax. You can press some wax onto the section that causes the problem. The dental wax serves as a protective layer to prevent scouring of the section. Teach your child how to apply it so that he can use it while at school or out of the house.

Soft Foods Are The Best

Wearing dental braces requires some adjustments, particularly with the foods you eat. Prior to the procedure, the orthodontist will explain the adjustments of the eating habits. Foods that are chewy, sticky, crunchy, and hard must be avoided. It would be difficult to bite apples or raw carrots. To show support, it would be best to stock up soft foods in the refrigerator. During the first few days, having the braces on, prepare easy to chew foods like steamed veggies, soups, yogurt, smoothies, or ice cream. But do not compromise the healthy aspects of the foods.

Be Supportive & Positive

As a parent, it is empirical to show support and stay positive throughout the process. Show some pictures of your friends or family who have braces so that your child would know he’s not alone. Take some pictures during the procedure if possible. Show support by preparing braces-friendly foods. If there’s a time your child doesn’t want to wear the braces, remind him of the amazing benefits of the braces.

Concentrate on the positives

The extent of wearing dental braces depends on the dental issue. Beforehand, it is essential to focus on the positives of having braces and the end goal. If you want to have aligned teeth and a perfect smile, you must adhere to the instructions of the orthodontist. Encourage your child to be patient throughout the treatment and look forward to the outcome.

Final thoughts

The idea of getting braces may overwhelm your child. That is why, if you think your child needs such an orthodontic treatment, help him prepare for the procedure. It will make the transition process easier for your child.