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Mandy Kloppers

8 Services That Should Be in Close Proximity to Your New Home

Finding a new place to live is stressful and time-consuming, especially if you love every place to see. To help make the process easier, there are certain things you can look out for that are crucial to have near your home. If a location does not have all or some of these facilities nearby, that should make the process of elimination easier for you and help you choose a place faster.


Being close to a school might simplify life for a house owner who plans to have children since they won’t have to travel large distances to get their children to and from school. Walking distance to your children’s school is a blessing, especially for working parents, and they may quickly drop off their children to work, avoiding rush hour. In addition, because the house is close to the school, parents do not have to pay for a school bus service. 

Healthcare Services

You can get quality healthcare virtually just outside your home. Health and fitness lovers can benefit from easy access to fitness specialists, dieticians, and other professionals. Forget about hurrying through traffic and finishing other activities to get on time for your doctor’s appointment. Aside from that, if you or a loved one suffers from a chronic condition, the closer you live to a hospital, the better since getting to hospitals will no longer be an issue. Also, finding an orthodontist in Bergen County or wherever you are looking to move will be critical for having easy access to dental services for you and your family.

Convenience Stores 

The more of them there are nearby, the more valuable a residence becomes to households and renters. Nobody wants to spend two hours commuting whenever they need to go to the grocery shop. Being close to these places may potentially assist in discouraging crime. Convenience produces healthier eating options. Because a lot of nutritious food has a limited shelf life, some people prefer processed meat that can last at least a few days. On the other hand, individuals who live near a grocery shop are not concerned about spoiling since they can buy plenty and return to the store to get their fix if they run out of fresh greens.

Local Recreation

People appreciate having nearby recreation options such as movie theaters, golf courses, parks, and fitness studios. They can go fast to their destination and return home in minutes. Living near an entertainment center may greatly boost the value of your property.

Public Transportation 

Not everyone can afford to purchase a car. Those that cannot rely on public transportation such as buses, trains, or taxis. As a result, being close to bus stops, railway stations, and taxi stands may be vital to them. Properties in densely populated areas are known to be in great demand when they are near subway stops. Because the roads are often congested, utilizing the train becomes the most effective method to move within the city.


When you have a particular event to celebrate, nothing is better than entrusting the meal to a professional. You can’t eat out, but you can have a restaurant experience at home. Get your favorite meals delivered right to your home while maintaining the high quality you’ve come to expect.

Coffee houses

Homes near a big chain are not only convenient, but they may raise the value of your home by up to 96 percentage points. While a coffee shop may not be the direct source of rising house values, a strong association exists between rising home values and cafes. You’ll also never be late for work because you stopped for a coffee.

Police Station

Nothing ensures your safety more than being close to a police station. Who in their right mind would break into a house when the cops are only a minute away? And who would risk engaging in unlawful operations in an area where the police are always present? Even if two people only staff a station during the day, their simple presence is a strong crime deterrent.


When choosing your dream home, it is not enough to have a wonderful view of a river or a layout that is great for interior design. It is about being close to infrastructure such as expressways and services such as supermarkets. A location’s closeness to a certain object can often be considered priceless. Several more nearby facilities might add overall value to a home or become important to someone with a special interest. Choose what is most important to you, offer the greatest value, and happy home hunting!