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Mandy Kloppers

8 Self-Care Tips That Will Transform Your 2022

As you create your resolutions for the new year, consider the ways you can take better care of yourself. Don’t just focus on the number of pounds you want to lose. Consider the way you’d like to actually feel as you live in your body. This is where a practical self-care regimen comes in. Consider eight of the self-care tips that can transform your 2022.

1. Develop a Bedtime Routine

When you’re younger, it’s pretty trendy to stay up past your bedtime. As you get older, you’ll see the negative impact of skipping out on sleep. Try your best to achieve between seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night. If you need to take a melatonin supplement, invest in a comfortable mattress or take a warm bath before bed, create a regimen that facilitates your ability to peacefully sleep each night.

2. Move Your Body Daily

There are three types of movement you’ll need throughout any given week. Oftentimes, people prioritize cardio exercise for weight loss or heart health. There’s nothing wrong with that. In addition to cardiovascular exercise, it’s wise to include strength training exercises and a stretching regimen. If you’re exercising at home, start with your own body weight. Then, you can graduate to kettlebells, dumbells, and more. Stretching regimens can include yoga or pilates to keep you flexible and limber. Stretches also help you to decrease your chances of injury.

3. Track Your Water Consumption

Keep a bottle of water next to your bed each night. In the morning, take a few sips or drink the full glass before you get out of bed. Set an alarm on your phone that goes off at specific times during the day. Those alarms will serve as reminders to drink more water. Your mind and body won’t be able to fully thrive without water so prioritize it.

4. Prioritize Professional Services

Sometimes, people make the mistake of believing they can do it all on their own. They develop a DIY approach to life. While this can serve a person well in certain areas, it can actually prove to be harmful in other ways. For example, seeing a therapist can help you to emotionally win and get out of your own way in life. You can’t give yourself a massage or a restorative facial.

Getting a massage from a professional masseuse will allow you to experience deeper levels of relaxation and promote lymphatic health as well. Plus, when you invest in these services, you’ll definitely get what you’ve paid for in full. Try searching massage near you to find the best place to get a massage. For example, if you live in Florida, you can try searching for Clearwater massage or your current location to find the best therapeutic massage in your area.

5. Monitor Your Digital Consumption

Whether you’re working from home or scrolling through social media, place a time limit on the amount of digital stimulation you’ll receive. Technological devices emit blue light which stimulates the brain to remain awake for longer periods of time. Plus, studies suggest that a lot of social media scrolling can lead to depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns due to increased feelings of loneliness and comparison.

6. Begin a Mindfulness Practice

If you’re constantly multi-tasking or considering the next item on your to-do list, this can lead to a host of mental issues such as anxiety and depression. Instead, quiet your mind with a mindfulness practice. Whether you start with 10 minutes or 30 minutes each day, learn to calm your mind as this can impact the way you feel throughout the rest of the day.

7. Wear Sunscreen

Even on a cloudy day, it’s important to apply UV protection. With the depletion of the ozone layer, it’s much easier for harmful rays to negatively impact the Earth. This impacts a person’s exposure to harmful diseases such as skin cancer. By wearing and reapplying SPF30 or higher each day, you’ll give your skin a fighting chance to thrive.

8. Keep Your Spaces Clean and Organized

Your environment can directly impact the way you feel. For many people, their physical space is a reflection of their mental perspective. If your home is cluttered and disorganized, start by decluttering and getting rid of items you don’t use or need anymore. If it’s too overwhelming for you to handle, hire a professional organizer and a cleaning service to handle the dirty work for you.


Anything worth having is worth fighting for. This means that you’ll have to dedicate time and effort into making your self-care routine work. Become okay with a trial and error period. Track what works and what needs to be tossed. As you gain a better understanding of what self-care feels like for you, you’ll transform your own experience in 2022 and the years that follow.


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