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8 Self Care Sunday Ideas to Help You Recharge

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Self-care Sunday refers to setting time aside to recharge your body and mind before your week starts. This time helps you start the week without the feeling of anxiety that comes with the thought of going back to work the following Monday. Here are eight ideas to make your self-care Sundays successful.


1. Make Sunday a Rest Day

Sundays should be a day to sleep a little more, rest, and give yourself a treat. After an exhausting week at work, you need enough time to relax. Some Sundays will be busier than others, but try to maintain a simple schedule that includes a lot of rest. Before you say yes to any plans for Sundays, consider if the plan will make your day more fun or is coming to take away from the day.


2. Spend Time in Nature

A simple hike or spending time in nature will put you in a good mood. You can take a short walk around the neighborhood that will give you a dose of fresh air. You also get to stretch your legs after spending all week seated. You can even spend more time with your family or your pet, or you can come up with activities for members.


3. Undertake a DIY Project

Sundays are days to get creative. You can take up painting, drawing, knitting, writing, woodwork, or any other that makes you feel good. If your work does not require much creativity, taking on a creative project will make you work out the other part of your brain. This could be a great opportunity to take your work to social media and connect with a larger group of individuals that share similar talents to you. It will also help you relax and make your imaginative side come to life.


4. Try New Recipes

If you love cooking, Sunday is a good day to try new recipes and give yourself a treat on a budget. Look for new recipe ideas that you love, shop for groceries, and try out new dishes. You can take this as an opportunity to grow your palate. You can try cuisines from different parts of the world, and as you do that, plan your meals for the week.


5. Make Sunday a Spa Day

Spa days are for relaxation. Enjoy a good massage, facial, or get a new set of nails. Better yet, you can enjoy a Softub spa experience, which is a hot tub that gives you a spa experience any season of the year. If your budget allows, you can have the same experience at home as long as you have the right equipment. Consult with an expert about your spa needs and then spare a few hours of your day to enjoy this experience.


6. Make Sunday a Day for Movies

Movies are entertaining, and they give you time to relax. You can enjoy shows on Netflix or enjoy short videos on YouTube. If there are shows that you may have wanted to watch during the week but you were not able to, Sundays would be a good time. Create a list of comfort movies and shows that will give you a soothing feeling or will boost your mental health and then schedule them for Sunday. If there are specific shows that you love to watch when you are feeling low, you can search them for Sunday.


7. Read a Book

Reading feels peaceful. It is one way of expanding your perspective in life. During the week, you may not have enough time to read a book, or you may not read as much as you would want. On self-care Sundays, you have a chance to enjoy a book or two. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee, get your pillows ready, and get down with a book to read. As long as you do not have anything else scheduled for the day, you can read a whole book.


8. Meditation

Meditation should be something you do every day. It is one of the best self-care activities that you can take on to enjoy your Sundays. Meditation helps you clear your mind, regain your energy and improve your mindfulness. If you are dealing with stress, meditation can help you calm your mind. Use guided medication from online platforms to get the best from your sessions.


Closing Thoughts

Whatever you choose to do for your self-care Sunday, make sure it is something you enjoy doing or something that grows you. You also need something that calms your mind and helps you forget the stress of the week that was.