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8 Powerful Books That Will Help You Overcome Emotional Abuse


Emotional abuse can leave marks that take a long time to fade. Even once an abusive relationship has been escaped, the psychic damage, including flashbacks and negative thought processes, often remain. But these scars can be healed. These eight books offer practical strategies and a powerful message of hope to anyone who has suffered emotional abuse. You can overcome it.


1) Why Does He Do That By Lundy Bancroft


Being the victim of emotional abuse can often leave you floundering for the answers to a thousand questions, and in the vacuum of answers, it’s easy to blame yourself. Why Does He Do That offers an insight into the how and why abusers act like they do, and offers a valuable perspective that contextualizes the abuse you suffered. By understanding, you can move forward.


2) Codependent No More By Melody Beattie


Abusers are often able to hide behind their victims and get away with their terrible actions as those who are suffering make excuses or apologies for the behaviour of the abuser. This relationship characterized as codependence by Melody Beattie, is a powerful barrier to overcoming emotional abuse. Beattie outlines a new way of thinking to enable you to reconceptualize your relationships and heal.


3) Women Who Love Too Much By Ellen Archer


“Many women often become deeply invested in helping their abuser change,” says Penny Collins, psychology therapist at Assignment Writer and Write My Paper. “This behaviour is natural, but incredibly problematic as victims become attached to their abusers and can’t break away.” Archer explores this dynamic, and offers ways to take control of it for women in dangerous situations.


4) Hope And Healing From Emotional Abuse By Gregory Jantz


Gregory Jantz concentrates on practical steps that victims of abuse can begin to take on the journey of healing. In the grips of an abusive relationship it can often feel like there’s no hope of things changing, and this sensation of being trapped is demotivating and disempowering. Jantz’s book is here to change that, and offers actionable advice for those who are struggling to find faith in the future.


5) The Verbally Abusive Relationship By Patricia Evans


Abuse can take many forms and for many victims, the first step is recognizing that they are undergoing abuse. Emotional and verbal abuse can be subtle and insidious, and in The Verbally Abusive Relationship, Patricia Evans gives you the tools to recognize abuse in all its forms and take healthy steps away from these situations. Evans will help you escape.


6) Psychopath Free By Jackson Mackenzie


Psychopaths are masters of abuse, and those who possess the traits of the psychopath are often charming and devious leading to many victims unknowingly suffer at their hands for years. Jackson Mackenzie offers a guide for recognizing these traits and combating them, allowing you to take control of your world and break out of dangerous dynamics.


7) Power – Surviving And Thriving After Narcissistic Abuse By Shahida Arabi


In this collection of essays, Arabi offers a vision for life after abuse. Narcissists and psychopaths often share similar traits and victims often end up blaming themselves whilst idolizing their abuser. The work it takes to get out of this psychic state is challenging, but the perspectives offered in Arabi’s collection will give you strategies and hope in equal measure for a positive future.


8) Boundaries: When To Say Yes, How To Say No To Take Control Of Your Life By Henry Cloud And John Townsend


“Every relationship needs boundaries and it’s characteristic of relationships featuring emotional abuse that boundaries are dismantled,” says Martin Brown, health writer at OXEssays and State Of Writing. “Establishig firm boundaries will give victims of emotional abuse a life-changing tool for overcoming these difficulties.”  As the 10 Laws Of Boundaries are articulated in this powerful book, you will learn a simple framework for establishing boundaries in your personal and professional relationships.


There Is Hope


Suffering from emotional abuse can be devastating, but there is hope out there. These powerful books will reveal that you’re not alone and offer hope of overcoming the pain you have suffered. With practical advice and actionable strategies for recovery, these books will start you on a journey to a better future.


Katherine Rundell is a psychology writer at Do My Coursework and Essay Help services and a manager at Essayroo. Before turning freelance to reach a wider audience she worked in charities that reached out to women experiencing abuse.

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